Exploring Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovations from Yeoksamdong, Seoul’s Tech Hub

The thriving city of Yeoksamdong, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea,
is home to numerous tech companies that are at the forefront of the industry.
From startups focused on developing cutting-edge technology to well-established-giants
at the pinnacle of software development, Yeoksamdong is rife with innovation.

One only needs to look at the various companies that have claimed this bustling city as
their home base to see how diverse and innovative the tech industry here truly is.
Ranging from AI talent tech to cyber security, these companies are creating
trailblazing technology with a global impact.

Let’s take a closer look at these tech companies based in Yeoksamdong,
offering a brief insight into what they do, their founders,
and the unique services they offer.


Launched by a team of experienced professionals, Glorang
is an AI talent tech company that provides children with the
guidance they need to maximize their natural talents. They cater to
the individuality of each child, emphasizing on fostering creativity.


Under the leadership of Hak Oh, Hee Lee and Jisu Park,
SOOHO.IO is steering the way in developing groundbreaking
cross-chain functionality based on secure and regulatory-compliant bridge technology.
Follow them on @soohoio,
Facebook and
LinkedIn for the latest updates.


Founded by Kevin Lee, EQ4ALL is behind
a unique sign language translation service that strives to make the world a more inclusive place.
Check their updates on Facebook
and LinkedIn.

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