Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software from Haidian, Beijing

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software from Haidian, Beijing

Set in Haidian, Beijing, China — the headquarters to some significant players in the Software Industry. Esteemed for their innovative solutions and the role they play in various sectors like E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and others, these companies drive profound transformations across their operational niches. This article seeks to explore some of these industry frontliners who are championing a future fueled by software-driven technologies.

From revolutionizing the retail industry with an AI-central operating system to utilizing artificial intelligence for enhancing financial and sales efficiency, these companies depict the vast possibilities inherent in harnessing software and technology. Therefore, this selection of companies serves to bring to light the unique contributions each has made within the Software Industry, along the spectrum of their respective niches.

Join us as we unveil the unique solutions, operational data, and founding pioneers behind each of these reputable brands. Each company name anchors you to the company’s website offering an enriched exploration of their brand.


Founded by Feng Zhang, Jiangfeng Liu, Lin Jie, and Wenzhi Li in 2015, DMALL is a company that ticks several boxes in industries like E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Point of Sale, and more. Dmall provides a cloud-based, end-to-end SaaS platform for the retail industry. This integrated platform delivers holistic data insights across all parts of retail operations. They offer one-stop solutions for retailers powered by their retail core service cloud solutions.

Co-founded by Jiwei Li and Shengjie Shen, Shannon.AI is an artificial intelligence company that provides groundbreaking solutions to the financial sector. By analyzing, extracting, and integrating massive financial information, they give investors access to accurate, timely, and intuitive financial information. is an AI-enabled corporate services company founded by Fa Jie, Yucong Chen, Yuzhen Zhang, and Zhilin Yang. The company’s sales dialogue analysis system transfers sales, customer service, and customer dialogue from voice to text and provides a full machine quality inspection for sales efficiency optimization.


As a software site, Baofeng‘s flagship product, the Baofeng Storm Codec, provides video services to media companies. The company operates in the manufacturing, marketing, and software industries.


An explorer of acoustic detection AI technology, Ensonic is focused on discovering new applications in the industrial sector. They are deeply rooted in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology, which are reflected in their operation.

XSKY Data Technology

XSKY, founded by Xin Xu, offers software-defined infrastructure products and services. Their scale-out storage solutions and contributions to the open-source storage system Ceph position them as a leader in the cloud computing and IT space.


AInnovation, owned and operated by Faen Zhang and Hocking Xu, enhances efficiency and value for businesses by offering AI-based products and solutions, thereby contributing to their digital transformation.


Digiwill, co-founded by Chunbao Zhang and Xiaotian Zhao, is a mobile game development company focused on providing the best entertainment experiences through localized development and optimization.

Easemob Technologies

Co-founded by Ji Fang, Jervis Liu, Strong Liu, and Johnson Ma, Easemob Technologies provides developers with a PaaS-based platform for integrating instant messaging, voice, and data services into their apps.

ABC Fintech

ABC Fintech, founded by Yongzhi Yang, provides AI-driven cloud services. Its products improve the efficiency of how equity research and investment decisions are made in financial institutions and predict future trends.

Hua Kong TsingJiao

Based in Haidian District, Beijing, China, Hua Kong TsingJiao is an IT company focusing on the research, development, and construction of large-scale technology based on modern cryptography and game theory to solve various cybersecurity issues.

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