Exploring Leapdroid: Leading Mobile App Innovator Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Welcome to our exploration of the innovative software and app companies that make up the mobile industry in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. This bustling port city is home to a broad range of businesses making their mark on the world of technology. From marketplace platforms and fintech innovations to digital well-being products and nightlife apps, the array of services these Rotterdam-based companies bring to the global digital space is truly impressive.

These companies not only shine a light on the versatility and creativity found within Rotterdam’s tech ecosystem, they also embody the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to technology. Their work showcases how vital a hub Rotterdam is for technological development, particularly within the mobile industry. The innovative solutions these companies provide cater to various aspects of life, demonstrating the potential of digital technology in addressing and improving countless aspects of our day-to-day lives.

In this article, we’re highlighting eleven companies that all call Rotterdam home and are making waves within the mobile industry. Each offering unique services within their sector – these companies showcase the diversity and dynamism of the mobile industry. We’ll offer a brief bio of each company, their founders, and industry, along with their website and social media links. Get ready to meet some of the trailblazers in the mobile industry hailing right from the heart of Rotterdam.


Founders Niels van Deuren started the world’s largest rental accommodation platform, HousingAnywhere. The platform connects international students, expats, or young professionals looking for mid-term stays with accommodation providers, taking the stress out of the relocating process and offering an expansive suite of listings from over 60 countries. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Michael H.W. Schmitz, Prof. Christopher Ledwig, Stephan Gillmeier, Ph.D, the AMVLET GROUP transforms screen time into meaningful person time. They promote a low CO2 footprint by minimizing fixed work locations and focusing on hiring the most qualified people regardless of their location. by leveraging big data, mobile apps, and the power of social media. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.


Unpluq, founded by Caroline Cadwell, Jorn Rigter, and Tim Smits, is a purpose-driven company that helps users regain control over their screen time. They offer the world’s first physical device and app combination that blocks selected distracting apps, gaining their users an average of 35 days of smartphone screen time per year. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Startup brings together founders from across the globe to engage in discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, and brainstorming. Based on Slack, Startup uses the platform’s sophisticated features to facilitate high-quality cross-platform communication.

Nocto International

Nocto is a mobile application for the nightlife community, providing party entertainment services. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buddy Payment

Founded by Camiel Kuiper, Marco van Etten, and Ralph Oudshoorn, Buddy Payment is a debt prevention app that helps users pay and manage their bills. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Dinlebi, founded by Ahmet Yaman, Cenk Gultekin, and Dundar Hizal, is an audio streaming service offering subscription-based access to audiobooks and short-form content through mobile apps. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Travis the Translator

Lennart van der Ziel and Nick NM Yap created Travis the Translator, a pocket translator powered by AI, and has sold and shipped over 150,000 units globally within its first two years. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Richard Ruiter, KPN provides high-quality telephone, Internet and television services, as well as comprehensive ICT services for business customers. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Relive, founded by Joris van Kruijssen, Lex Daniels, and Yousef El-Dardiry, is an app designed for outdoor enthusiasts to track and share their outdoor activities. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Robert Leefmans, Mangrove is a digital agency that designs and develops websites, campaigns, and other products for web and mobile. Connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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