Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovation from Headquarters in Livonia, Michigan

Livonia, Michigan, serves as a home to various companies operating in the Information Technology industry. Each of these companies, regardless of them falling into different subsectors of IT, contribute to the overall technological advancement and economic growth of the region. This article introduces several of these companies, where you can gain insight into who they are and what they do.

You may have already heard about some of these companies, or perhaps this is your first insight into them. Regardless of your familiarity, this article will provide you with an indepth look into their operations, services, and how they contribute to the larger IT industry. So, allow us to introduce you to some of the top IT firms based in Livonia.

Please note, all company names are clickable and will take you directly to their respective websites.


Founded by Pamela Day, Blazent has emerged as the world’s leading IT Data Quality Engine. Specialized in Big Data, Cloud Data Services, and Enterprise Software, Blazent aggregates, reconciles, and consolidates IT data to improve IT management and operations. Their patented algorithms and cloud-based engine are currently used by several large service providers, making a significant impact on the IT industry.


Founded by Harish Ramachandran and Manish Sheladia, CIGNEX is a global consulting company that offers solutions on Open Source, Cloud, and Automation technologies. Since its inception in 2000, CIGNEX has been delivering enterprise-class solutions which are easily integrated with existing systems, achieving unparalleled results.

Roush Industries

Founded by Jack Roush, Roush Industries operates in a range of sectors including Automated, Information Technology, and Manufacturing. While specific details about the company are not mentioned, Roush Industries stands as a significant player in the IT industry.


Tegrit is an IT company focused on serving clients whose members are dedicated to servicing others. Tegrit uses technology to improve business efficiencies and reduce administrative costs, offering consulting services and Apps development.

Soothsayer Analytics

Soothsayer Analytics, founded by Gaurav Agrawal, operates in several industry sectors including Automotive, Healthcare, and Software. Specific details about the company are not provided, however, Soothsayer Analytics stands as a significant player in the IT industry.

Accumulation Technologies

Accumulation Technologies operates in the fields of Information Services, Information Technology, and Insurance. While specific details about the company are not mentioned, Accumulation Technologies is a notable contributor to the ITindustry.

CU Solutions Group

CU Solutions Group is a company operating in Financial Services, Information Technology, and Marketing. Specific details about the company are not provided, but CU Solutions Group is making significant strides in the IT industry.

FastTek Global

FastTek Global is a company operating in Information Technology, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency. Although specific details about the company are not provided, FastTek Global is significantly contributing to the IT industry.

Info Services

Founded by Madhava Kota, Info Services is a company operating in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Consulting, IT, and Software. As details about the company are not provided, Info Services maintains a significant place in the IT market.

Liveline Technologies

Founded by Christopher Couch, Liveline Technologies is a company that deals with Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Information Technology, and Software. While specific company details are not provided, Liveline Technologies continues to make an impact in the IT industry.

Sensible Technologies

Sensible Technologies designs, publishes, and sells software used by organizations for mail processing. These solutions greatly aid in mail sorting, accessing, and inserting operations, showcasing Sensible Technologies’ significant contribution to the IT sector.

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