Exploring Leapdroid: Panama City’s Innovator in Software and App Development

The software industry forms a critical pillar of Panama’s technology hub, with local businesses and startups leading the charge. Innovative companies across various areas of software, including app development, information technology, online gaming, AI, and more, call Panama City their home. This article serves as a part of a series giving an overview of thriving software companies headquartered in Panama City, Panama, that are influencing and transforming this critical industry.

In the heart of Panama, these remarkable companies are building a strong business presence on both regional and global scales. Their unique perspectives and innovative approaches have allowed them to excel at what they do. While they may operate in different areas, each company shares a common goal to improve and streamline processes that affect everyday life.

This article aims to highlight these innovative companies, focusing on their background, services, and the creative individuals who established them. Each company forms an essential piece of the software industry puzzle, contributing significantly to the industry’s continuous evolution.


Founded by Darryl Goede, Sparkbox Inc. specializes in apps, information technology, internet, productivity tools, and software development. The company is known for Spark PiCO, a personal content organizer that streamlines personal content sharing across mobile and desktop devices. The team is committed to helping individuals optimize their device-use and self-expression. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


TopGame, founded by David Guo, is a trailblazer in the mobile gaming industry. This leader in casual mobile gaming focuses on amplifying user experiences through its range of iOS and Android games. The aim? To dominate the mobile gaming sector and tap into the potential pool of over 1 billion smartphone users.

OmniBazaar, Inc.

OmniBazaar, led by Bill Moon, David Crites, and Richard Crites, is potentially opening doors to e-commerce and cryptocurrencies for billions of ‘un-banked’ people worldwide. They combine e-commerce and cryptocurrency to allow users to “barter for bitcoin”. Learn more about the company and its offerings at their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

IVO Talents

Andreina Marrón and Yunai Castillo co-founded IVO Talents, a platform dedicated to weaving connections and opportunities between talented individuals and the entertainment sector. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

TrustCor Systems S. de R.L.

TrustCor, established by Ian Abramowitz, is a company committed to ensuring privacy and enhancing security for businesses and individuals. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more. is an innovative webmail platform that empowers users to secure their online identity effectively. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.


Founded by Christian Garcia, SIA.RED offers a human resources management platform that streamlines workforce coordination and management in an effective manner.


INVU POS, founded by Rafi Turgman, delivers innovative solutions for the Latin American markets through a SaaS POS mobile app that makes use of the latest technology. Check their Facebook profile for more information.


SnapXam, founded by Felipe Chen Austin, stands as an example of AI implementation that empowers students with step-by-step math problem solutions. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


CryptoZen, by founder Rob Eijgenraam, is a one-stop Dapp platform for managing all your crypto assets. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.


PersonalSoft, an organization that specializes in information technology, service industry, and software, is making a significant impact in its industry. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

In summary, the future of software lies in the hands of these dynamic companies. All of these Panama City-based software companies continue to break new ground, contributing considerably to the software industry’s ongoing advancement and evolution. Here’s to the brave and brilliant ones who are leading these companies and championing innovation and the future of software as we know it.

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