Leapdroid: Pioneering iOS Development in the Heart of New Delhi

Today, Delhi, India’s bustling capital, is the home for numerous budding iOS companies making their mark on the global stage. The iOS landscape of this cosmopolitan city is diverse and vibrant, ranging from travel aggregators and digital marketing platforms to game development and e-commerce solutions. This collection of companies has continually exhibited innovation, dedication, and expertise, carving out a prominent place in the iOS industry. So, let’s dig deeper into these companies and explore what they’re bringing to the table.

In our pursuit, we encountered companies of varying scales but with a common drive for excellence. iOS advancements in Delhi are not merely a mimicry of global trends. These companies are setting their own benchmarks, continuously pushing the envelope in technological prowess and business innovation.

Below is a snapshot of some of the premier iOS companies headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi, India, along with their key highlights:


Instago is a New Delhi-based iOS start-up disrupting the modern transport and travel industry with its meta travel aggregator app. The team, led by co-founders Aneesh Seth, Anmol Ahlawat, and Nakul Khanna, aims to simplify road transportation. View their journey on Facebook and stay connected on @getinstago.


Mobiloitte, established by Jagdish Harsh, is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions ranging from blockchain technology and gaming to cloud computing and mobile apps. Their critical services and innovations are extensively discussed on Facebook, and latest updates shared on @Mobiloitte.


Founded by Avaneesh Kumar and Bhavesh Kumar, CPIDroid offers a self-serve platform for app marketing, primarily to drive app rankings on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Find out more through their Facebook page and catch their latest updates on @CPIDroid.

Deligence Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Deligence Technologies, led by Sanjay Kumar, excels in web, mobile, and embedded software development. Their @deligence1 Twitter feed and Facebook page provides a glance of their expertise and accomplishments.

Futuresoft India

Futuresoft India, under the leadership of Sunil Gujral, provides a gamut of software services, stretching from enterprise application development to digital marketing. Their updates are easily accessible through Facebook and @futuresoftindia.

Pool My Ride

Designed by Abhishek Talwar and Rajat Talwar, Pool My Ride promotes environmentally friendly commuting. To stay tuned to their latest updates, follow Pool My Ride on Facebook or on Twitter @poolmyride.


AndroidCure, an Android blog, provides useful tutorials and insights for Android smartphones. Get a peek into their world on @hateman20.

My Mobile Info Media Private Limited

My Mobile Info Media, founded by Pankaj Mohindroo, is a platform engaged in activities spanning from gaming and mobile apps development to telecommunications. For current updates, follow @mymobilemag on Twitter or visit their Facebook page.


ASOeShop, started by Avaneesh Kumar and Bhavesh Kumar, offers a mobile ad network with an automated self-serve advertising platform dedicated to Android & iOS apps. To get a closer look at their services, visit their Facebook page or follow @ASOeShop on Twitter.

TechYogi IT Solutions

Established by Abhijit Kumar Sah, Jitendra Kumar, Raj Kumar Sah, and Sanjeet Kumar, TechYogi IT Solutions excel in creating intuitive and user-friendly websites. For updates, follow them on Facebook and @TechYogiIT.

Root Info Solutions

Founded by Shekhar Juneja, Root Info Solutions is a name synonymous with excellence in mobile and web application development. Experience their journey through their Facebook feed and keep up-to-date with their latest on @RootInfoSol.

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