Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Development in Mapo, Seoul’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid proudly presents a series that spotlights key firms impacting the web development sector. Our journey takes us to the pulse of South Korea’s tech innovation hub, Mapo, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi. The ecosystem here thrives with companies specializing in various domains from design to software and mobile apps. This article explores a variety of such companies, poised at the frontier of their respective industries.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of companies headquartered in Mapo, cutting across the web development field. These companies boast a combination of impressive portfolios, team expertise, and industry recognition. We’re excited to introduce you to these companies that are not only making waves in the local landscape but also contributing immensely to the global digital arena.

Whether you’re a potential client looking for top-notch services, an up-and-coming developer aiming to learn from the best, or just a tech enthusiast wanting to keep updated on the latest in the industry, the following features offer insight into the companies driving innovation and success in Mapo’s web development scene.


I’mweb, a prominent player in the realm of Web Design and Development, offers tailored digital solutions to meet diverse client needs. More about I’mweb can be found on their Facebook page.


Specializing in Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Web Development, CNDF acclaim for creating tech solutions that push the envelope. Learn more about their innovative solutions and corporate culture on their LinkedIn page.


BDAPPS, a firm excelling in the Apps, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development domains has carved a niche for itself in the bustling tech landscape of Mapo.


ValueLabs is a powerhouse in the Apps, Information Technology, and Web Development industry. Its footprint expands beyond Mapo and covers the global landscape. Check them out on their MASSTIGE

MASSTIGE, with its unique blend of offerings covering Advertising, Apps, Creative Agency, Web Design, and Development, redefines digital artistic excellence.

The Real Company

The Real Company places a strong emphasis on UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development, striving to deliver a seamless digital user experience. They share their work and insights on their Facebook page.


FORNEXT, a prominent player in Internet, Technical Support, and Web Development, is renowned for its reliable services and innovative solutions.


U PLEAT offers diverse services in Brand Marketing, Consulting, Information Technology, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development. More about their offerings can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


DesignFever stands at the intersection of Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, UX Design, and Web Development. Follow their journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, or their Twitter handle @designfever_kr.

Clipper Works

Clipper Works, a firm known for its prowess in Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development, consistently delivers high-quality digital solutions.


Rounding up our list is SOMAKIT, a consultancy that excels in Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development. Their approach merges technology and creativity to solve complex problems.

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