Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Excellence from Ludhiana’s Software Hub


Amidst the lush emerald plains of Punjab, in the heart of India, lies the vibrant city of Ludhiana known for its rich, colorful culture and booming industries. Ludhiana in recent years has become a remarkable hub for the software industry, hosting some of the subcontinent’s most innovative and successful software companies. Here is an article featuring some of these companies, offering insight into their backgrounds, their achievements, and the business niches they expertly command.


Set in the heart of Ludhiana, Mobisafar operates within the Software and Financial Services industry, providing essential payment services. You can learn more about their operations through their socials on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Promatics Technologies

Co-founded by Arpit Jain, Promatics Technologies engages in Web Development and Mobile Application sector, creating innovative applications that enhance business capabilities and drive growth. Further information can be gathered from their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

DSO Software

DSO Software, founded by Manish Bhargav, is a prominent player within the Information Technology sector in Ludhiana. You could get to know more about DSO Software on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

RW Infotech Private Limited

Led by founder Jaswinder Singh, RW Infotech Private Limited offers a vast range of software services including mobile application development, software development, and much more. Checkout more about them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Akhilesh Aggarwal, Iotasol is a renowned software development company offering high quality, cost-effective digital products. Connect with them via their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Technocrats Horizons Compusoft

Technocrats Horizons Compusoft, founded by Tarvinder Singh offers a wide range of services from web design to mobile app development. You can explore more about them on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software, founded by Parbhat Jain, operates in the fitness and software industry. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Zenscale, co-founded by Amit Jain, Gurpreet Singh, and Manmit Gill, provides ERP software solutions that streamline business operations. Dive deeper into their services on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Firmly established in Ludhiana, the company, created by Anshul Goyal, provides generic identity-based email facilities. Check out their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

LN Webworks Private Limited

Co-founded by Pankaj and Shikha Kumar, LN Webworks provides Drupal development services, helping businesses grow their online presence. For more information, check their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Ludhiana, 75way provides a plethora of digital services ranging from customized software development to Mobile App Development. Find out more through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

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