Exploring Leapdroid: Software Innovation Hub in Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland

Welcome to Leapdroid, your trusted source for information about the evolving software industry. Today, we bring you a unique perspective on the Dutch region of Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland. Hidden in this vibrant location is an array of innovative software companies working diligently to change the face of tech. From email marketing experts to digital transformation pioneers, our spotlight series highlights the exceptional work put forth by these companies, all headquartered in Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland. Let’s dive in:


Co-founded by Marc Schussler, Spotler operates in the Email Marketing, Enterprise Software, Marketing Automation, Software, and Online Portals industry. They are known for their email marketing and marketing automation software, offering a blend of knowledge and services that make online marketing a breeze for their clients. Their presence can also be found on popular social platforms like @spotler_nl, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ortec, co-founded by Aart van Beuzekom, Alain Klapholz, Daan Ament, and Gerrit Timmer, is your one-stop-shop for optimization software and analytic solutions. These experts simplify complex challenges into user-friendly solutions, specializing in making businesses more efficient, predictable, and effective. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Jurrien Strobel and Kars Frijters, Shiftbase is revolutionizing the Human Resources, Internet, and Software industries. Stay updated about their latest ventures and developments through their official Twitter handle, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile.

Dias Software

Dias Software operates in the Financial Services, Information Technology, and Software industry with a focus on developing efficient and effective software for the mortgage and insurance market. You can follow their journey on their Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Gateway Digital

Gateway Digital is a part of Gateway Group and specializes in Information Technology, Software, and Web Development. Co-founded by Indrajeet Mitra, Niraj Gemawat, and Vipin Moharir, Gateway Digital provides flawless integration of technology and creativity. Discover their digital transformation experiences by connecting with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Green Valley

Green Valley is a software company that delivers knowledge management ICT solutions using an intranet or extranet. They provide these solutions to governments, organizations, and housing associations. Stay connected with Green Valley through their Twitter, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile.

AutoDAP B.V.

Co-founded by Indrajeet Mitra, Niraj Gemawat, and Vipin Moharir, AutoDAP B.V. is a smart data product firm operating in the Automotive Aftermarket arena. Through their extensive knowledge and unique understanding of the European automotive market, they are transforming businesses by minimizing risks and improving profitability. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MyRoute-app is stirring the Apps, Professional Services, and Software industries with a unique app that caters to route planning. Get socially connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for real-time updates about their exciting journey.


Co-founded by Niraj Gemawat, DiLX is a strategic technology partner focusing on providing transport & logistics solutions. They are simplifying complex processes by offering digital IT solutions for logistics: asset, non-asset, ground, rail, sea, and air. Stay updated by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


AutoFacets operates within the Automotive, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Software industries. Connect with them through their official Twitter handle, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile to glean insights into their ground-breaking work.

Omniscien Technologies (Trading)

Co-founded by Dion Wiggins and Gregory Binger, Omniscien Technologies offers services in Software, Transaction Processing, and Translation. Follow their journey and stay connected to their achievements by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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