Exploring Leapdroid: Wilmington’s Pioneering Force in Mobile Gaming Technology

Exploring Leapdroid: Wilmington’s Pioneering Force in Mobile Gaming Technology


Wilmington, North Carolina, a city synonymous with charming antebellum architecture and rich history, is stealthily finding its place in the dynamic world of Information Technology. In recent years, a number of innovative and pioneering IT companies have found a home in the Port City, making significant contributions to the burgeoning tech culture in the region.

The diverse range of tech companies based in Wilmington not only validates the city’s growth as a tech hub but also underlines the fact that both established companies and startups alike find Wilmington a conducive environment for their operations. In this article, we present a snapshot of the tech ecosystem in Wilmington, focusing specifically on companies that are making notable strides in various realms including cloud security, biotechnology, developer platforms, consulting, pharmaceutical IT and more.

From SaaS Alerts, a cloud security company, to Lapetus Solutions, blending biotech with IT, and a slew of others in different domains, we draw attention to the concept, genesis, products and services, and more about these companies. Join us as we embark on a tour of Wilmington’s vibrant tech landscape.

SaaS Alerts

Founded by Charles Buck and Seth M. Bostock, SaaS Alerts is a pioneering company that is dedicated to protecting and monetizing customer SaaS applications. Established in 2020, this cloud security company in Wilmington has proved quite promising right from the start. In the event of problems such as data theft, data at risk and bad actors, SaaS Alerts automatically engages in comprehensive response strategies via PSA tools. Find them on social media platforms: @SaaSAlerts_ on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lapetus Solutions

Lapetus Solutions, founded by Karl Ricanek and S. Jay Olshansky in 2014, is turning heads in the biotechnology industry. Specializing in life event prediction, the company is developing tools and platforms that bring a reduction in traditional assessment methods. Positioned in the intersection between information technology, life science, and insurance, Lapetus Solutions is making significant strides in Wilmington’s biotech scene. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cape City Command

Founded by John Robison, Cape City Command aims at developing products to improve fill rates. By addressing well-defined needs, utilizing specialized hardware and software, enabling automatic action, and creating readily monetizable products, Cape City Command offers a compelling vision. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.


Established by Roel Harsta, GPA helps manufacturers maximize efficiency, attain optimal ROI and safeguard their operational technology resources with a variety of services ranging from automation, system migration, and application integration to complete cybersecurity solutions. You can explore more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

AX for Pharma

Founded by Andrea Ruosi, AX for Pharma offers a fully integrated ERP solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Microsoft Dynamics AX. Offering a 100% integrated solution, it cuts down the need for any additional software for specialized tasks. Learn more about them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Nick Daniel Smith, GeoOwl specializes in Analytics, Geospatial, Information Technology, and Motion Capture. Get to know more about them and their services by visiting their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

LRB Group

LRB Talent Group is a consulting firm that works within the enterprise and information technology sectors. Discover more about them by visiting their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


EtailPro provides cutting-edge solutions in e-commerce, information technology, and lead generation. To find out more about them, visit their official website and scroll through their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Wide Open Technologies

Wide Open Technologies operates in the advertising, digital marketing, information technology, web design, and web development sectors. To know more about them, make sure to visit their official Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Lawrence Cone, Kitepipe is a company that offers cloud data services and solutions for the service industry. Check out their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to know more.


SWELLEnterprise is a software company offering applications and services for small and medium businesses. To know more details about their operations and what they offer, visit their website and check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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