Exploring Leapdroid: Tokyo’s Forefront Innovator in Machine Learning Software

Known for its thriving tech scene, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan is home to a multitude of companies operating in the Machine Learning industry. From advanced AI applications to cutting-edge machine learning technologies, these Tokyo-based companies are leading the way and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our focus in this particular article is on companies whose headquarters are located in Tokyo. Innovators in their respective industries, these companies are not to be overlooked when it comes to machine learning. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Do note that these companies may have diversified into multiple sectors. However, their main focus and strength lie in the field of Machine Learning. So, let’s delve a little deeper into each of these businesses and get a taste of their innovation prowess, shall we?

Preferred Networks

Owned by founders Daisuke Okanohara, Morikawa Hiroyuki, Nishitoba Jiro, and Toru Nishikawa, Preferred Networks is a company that operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Software. The company was established in 2014 with the aim of developing real-world applications of deep learning, robotics, and other state-of-the-art technologies. Within the United States, PFN has a subsidiary based in Burlingame, California.


Founded by Abe Yoshinori and Kubo Kota, Ubie has made its position in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, Medical and SaaS. The company was established in 2017 and has developed an AI-based diagnosis software that can help patients receive individualized evaluation reports.

Cinnamon AI

Started by founders Hajime Hotta, Hiroaki Kitano, Miku Hirano, and Mori Aki, Cinnamon AI is a company that operates in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, Machine Learning, and Productivity Tools. The company offers AI-based platforms that help extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks.


ABEJA, a company , founded by Keisuke Tomimatsu, Okada Yosuke, Ozeki Masayuki, and Takanori Ogata, focuses on Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, CRM, Machine Learning, Marketing, and Marketing Automation. ABEJA’s platform uses a potent combination of IoT, big data and deep learning for sophisticated data analysis.

Cogent Labs

Cogent Labs, founded by Eric Whiteway and Jun Iinuma, is a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence company bent on improving the quality of life of people. The company operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, and Software, and is proud to bridge the gap between AI and real world solutions.

Ascent Robotics

Founded by Fred Almeida and Masayuki Ishizaki, Ascent Robotics is an AI and robotics company that strives to make the future more autonomous. Their focus lies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, and Robotics.


Stockmark is an AI venture from the University of Tokyo that provides business decision support with text mining and AI. It was founded by Arima Kosuke and Tatsu Hayashi.


Edgecortix, founded by Sakyasingha Dasgupta, is behind the Dynamic Neural Accelerator architecture, a domain-specific, runtime reconfigurable processor IP series, designed specifically for machine learning.


LeapMind was founded by Shohei Sasaki and Soichi Matsuda. They aim to make deep learning “small and compact” and accessible across a broad spectrum of applications, evolving the Internet of Things into the “Deep Learning of Things (DoT).”


Founded by Akemi Tsunagawa, Bespoke is a Tokyo-based developer of Artificial Intelligence technology dedicated to multilingual guest services through easy access to information, local recommendations, and solutions.


Cooori, founded by Arnar Jensson and Eythor Eyjolfsson, is an EdTech AI-driven language learning platform. They take an individualized approach to language learning through scientific research and deep learning technology.

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