Leapdroid: Pioneering iOS Solutions from Paris, Ile-de-France’s Tech Hubs

Welcome readers of Leapdroid to another installment in our series. In this article, we’ll be highlighting a number of innovative companies rooted in the lush soil of Paris’ iOS industry. By taking a closer look at their headquarters in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, you’ll gain an inside perspective into their unique stories and groundbreaking products.

If Paris is the city of love, then these companies are surely its sweethearts. Deeply committed to pushing boundaries, each one experiments with innovative ways to improve everyday experiences, whether through applications we use daily or niche software that improves our workflow. In the process, they’re helping to shape the iOS landscape and how we interact with technology on a wider scale.

From applications that aid our workday to mobile games that entertain us, Parisian companies are certainly making their mark in the iOS industry. Let’s dive in and discover what each one is doing to revolutionize the way we use our devices.


At this Parisian tech hub, founders Alexandre Lacheze, Daniel Putsche, Julien Berthomier, and Thibaud Elziere, have made it their mission to revolutionize how we use the web browser at work. Station functions as the “app store of software-as-a-service”, integrating a staggering 500 SAAS applications, with users downloading an average of 12. Check them out on Facebook or give them a follow on Twitter, and don’t forget to connect with them on LinkedIn as well.


Devised by the innovative minds of Arnaud Villenave, Fabrice Masson, Federico Cabiddu, and Julien Hodara, Libon is the application that offers the best quality calls at the best price. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated, and make sure to connect on LinkedIn.


Antoine Brenner and Benjamin Levy of GymGlish are revolutionizing the way we learn with their unique mobile apps. Follow them on Facebook, get updates via Twitter, and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Kobojo, the brainchild of Franck Tetzlaff, Sebastien Monteil, and Vincent Vergonjeanne, is bringing the social dimension to classical games and online applications. Stay in the loop with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hello Birdie

For golf enthusiasts, Hello Birdie is a must-have application. Founders Damien Cuillery, Guillaume Poitrat, and Olivier Poul have designed this innovative application to improve your golf game using AI. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The brainchild of Alexandre Agnes, Sebastian Gil, and Sebastien Debry, Cizoo is helping music lovers make their own tunes. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


David Jilli and Romain Salzman created Flashbreak to bring eSports to casual games. Stay updated with their live shows via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Developers of the beloved Talking Tom Cat app, Iza Sia Login and Samo Login’s Outfit7 continues to entertain and enrich the lives of mobile users worldwide. Follow them on Facebook, get updates on Twitter, and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Viewpay, the brainchild of Marc Leprat, is the first non-intrusive advert-payment solution that allows consumers to access extended premium content for free. Stay updated on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Sixième étage SAS)

A trio of software enthusiasts, Amandine Jasawant-Ghiraou, Arnaud Jardin, and the Dulac brothers, Louis and Pierre, have created It makes 360 photos easy to capture and upload. Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Otu Ekanem’s Minilogs is a unique web- and mobile application that allows users to create music playlists. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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