Leapdroid: A Prominent IT Trailblazer Headquartered in Warrington, United Kingdom

Warrington, a vibrant town located in the heart of Cheshire, United Kingdom, is not only renowned for its rich cultural heritage, but it’s also a nexus of technological advancements in the country. In this review, we will introduce some of the notable technological companies operating in and around Warrington. These companies have made remarkable breakthroughs in various aspects of Information technology, disrupting traditional ways and shaping the digital future. From software development and product design to cloud computing and wireless internet, these Warrington-based tech companies are part of a revolution that is transforming the industry.

The town continues to attract innovative tech companies, who have their eyes focused on accelerated growth and digital future. As part of this growth and change, companies are concentrating on improving user experiences, ensuring connectivity, developing new software and applications, and creating engaging content. Whether it is WiFi solutions or the development of virtual reality equipment, innovations keep on coming from IT businesses in Warrington.

Here are some of the companies that are leading the charge for a digital Warrington:

Tactus Group

Tactus Group specialises in Information Technology, Product Design, and Product Management. Founded by Scott Brenchley, Tactus provides virtual reality (VR) equipment and accessories that allow consumers to create and view VR footage and generate unique VR experiences. They also develop innovative in-built heating technology through a joint endeavour, demonstrating their inventive flair.

Airangel WiFi

Founded by Chris Airey, Airangel WiFi concentrates on providing WiFi solutions to public-facing businesses, helping increase customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue. Their extensive experience and innovative drive result in a platform that meets the changing demands of businesses and an increasing need for connectivity in a mobile-first world.


Avanite is an enterprise software company that makes software for enhancing user experience while maintaining administrative control. Founded by Francesco Giarletta and Peter Jones, their product WebCache Manager gives control of web data, providing a neat balance of user engagement and administrative oversight.

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