Leapdroid: Tokyo’s Innovation in Cloud Management Software Solutions

Leapdroid: Tokyo’s Innovation in Cloud Management Software Solutions

Cloud Management Industry has taken the world by storm, especially in sectors such as Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, Accounting, and beyond. The demand for cloud management software in these sectors has grown exponentially. The Asia-Pacific region, particularly Japan, has stood out due to the increased adoption of cloud computing solutions across different industry verticals. In this article, we will explore and learn about companies operating in the Cloud Management industry with their headquarters located in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. These companies have not only embraced the latest technological advancements but have primarily contributed towards innovation and development within the industry.

Cloud Management has seen a significant surge in Japan, with several companies providing unique and effective solutions to organizations of different sizes and purposes. These companies are diversified in their approach, taking up various sectors, with robust cloud management solutions for areas such as Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, and more. The need for such solutions is undisputed as it offers scalability, flexibility, and effective cost management for companies. Cloud management has made operations smooth and efficient across companies, irrespective of their size.

Cloud management software typically includes tools for deploying and tracking applications, managing and scaling cloud-based services, and monitoring and reporting on cloud activity. It not only reduces the time companies need to manage their platforms but also drastically reduces the costs of doing so. Moreover, the use of cloud management in organizations also promotes secure and reliable services, ensuring the safety of valuable data. With that said, let’s explore ten brilliant companies headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, which are rising stars in the realm of cloud management.


With the aim of optimizing management of quality and clinical documentation and processes, Agatha has been providing crucial software solutions to the healthcare and life sciences industry. Founded by Guillaume Gerard and Kamakura Chiemi, Agatha is carving out a unique space in the sectors of Biotechnology, Cloud Management, Document Management, Health Care, Life Science, and Software. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Specializing in contract and legal document management, Hubble provides cloud-based software solutions. Founded by Katsuya Fujii and Shinpei Hayakawa, the company has made a significant impact in the Cloud Management, Information Technology, Legal Tech, Software, and Task Management industries. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Egenera, an internationally recognized company within the Cloud Management, Enterprise Software, IaaS, SaaS, Software, and Virtualization sectors, provides cloud infrastructure software solutions. The company has designed the Egenera Cloud Suite for more manageable deployment and management of IT as a cloud service. Get to know more about them on
Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.


Developing a platform for easily deploying and running AI workloads on edge devices, Midokura is a Sony Group subsidiary. It also runs complex distributed workloads on clusters of IoT devices while controlling them via a SaaS platform. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Leaner Technologies

Leaner Technologies provides cost-reduction analysis solutions with its cloud-based software, making it a significant player in the Cloud Management, Software, and Task Management sectors. Founded by Kikukawa Koki and Yusuke Ohira, this company is a noteworthy contributor to cloud management in Japan.


Founded by Shinya Kondo, Rehasaku is a service that uses technology to support medical professionals and patients alike, within the Beauty, Cloud Management, Healthcare, and Task Management sectors. Their digital solutions are specifically tailored for practitioners such as physiotherapists and judo rehabilitation.


In the sectors such as Cloud Management, Internet, Manufacturing, SaaS, and Software, PartnerSuccess is providing effective solutions. Founded by Masahiro Nagata, the company prioritizes building successful partnerships. Follow them on Facebook.


With custom AI development and solutions, Laboro.AI is transforming the business operation landscape. By harnessing the power of AI, they are fostering innovation in various industries and companies. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

SET Software

SET Software is another major contributor within the Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software industry, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Their software solutions make a significant difference to businesses in managing their cloud resources.


Colorkrew focuses on developing solutions in Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Web Development sectors. Connect with them on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.


In the field of Cloud Management, Robotics, Software, Autoro is developing fascinating solutions. Knowing more about their innovative work can be done by visiting their LinkedIn page, and by following them on Twitter.

In conclusion, these companies budded from Tokyo, Japan, are making a significant impact on the cloud management industry on a global level. Their innovative solutions and strategies have brought about revolutionary changes in the way businesses operate, epitomizing the immense potential of cloud technology.

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