Leapdroid: Berlin’s Trailblazer in the Machine Learning Software Industry

As the technological hub of Europe, it should come as no surprise that Berlin, Germany is home to an array of innovative companies specialising in various aspects of machine learning and software development.

From Artificial Intelligence to GreenTech, these Berlin-based companies are leveraging machine learning in unique and ground-breaking ways. Each has its own unique mission and goals, but all have one thing in common: a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their respective fields.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a machine-learning enthusiast, or simply interested in the latest technological advancements, these Berlin-based companies are worth keeping an eye on.


Co-founded by Adrian Locher and Rasmus Rothe, Merantix is an incubator of sorts for AI companies. With a focus on translating world-leading research into ventures ready to disrupt existing markets and create new industries, they cover a wide range of industries from artificial intelligence to predictive analytics. Connect with the Merantix team on LinkedIn, find them Facebook, or follow their latest developments on Twitter.


HeyJobs, co-founded by Marius Jeuck and Marius Luther, operates a talent platform that leverages machine learning and software automation to connect job seekers with employers. Let’s give them a follow on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


In the health sector, Vara is developing an AI-powered breast cancer screening platform. The company was founded by Jonas Muff and Stefan Bunk. For latest updates about Vara, join them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Plan A

Plan A, founded by Lubomila Jordanova & Nathan Bonnisseau, is developing a machine learning-powered platform to measure and improve companies’ carbon and ESG performance. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


Founded by Bastian Bergmann and Joe Schaeppi, Solsten uses artificial intelligence to comprehend human behavior in the digital world, aligning customer experience. Learn more about them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Gero Keil and Thilo Hüllmann co-founded Levity, a software company that provides a no-code AI workflow automation platform. Join the conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


Marco Marques and Orlando Remédios founded Sensefinity for providing visibility of the world’s supply-chains using AI. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


deepset is founded by Malte Pietsch, Milos Rusic, and Timo Möller. They are building a novel enterprise search engine fueled by NLP and open-source. To know more about deepset, check their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.


Robin Rohm and Michael Höh co-founded Apheris to let companies run analytics on decentralised datasets. Learn more about Apheris on LinkedIn and Twitter.

brighter AI

Asaf Birnhack, Marian Gläser, and Patrick Kern founded brighter AI to provide leading anonymization solutions for video data using AI. Follow their developments on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Benjamin Schickert, Frane Bandov, Mark Hartman, and Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt established Myos, a fintech company rethinking working capital. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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