Leapdroid: Exploring Guangzhou’s Pioneering Influence in the IT Landscape

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, lies in the southern part of China and is one of the country’s major technology and financial centers. Thanks to the local government’s supportive policies and infrastructure, a large number of technology companies have sprung up in the region over the years. Today, we highlight some of the leading tech companies in Guangzhou that are making significant contributions in sectors such as consulting, e-commerce, gaming, information technology, and more. These companies are not just boosting local economy but are also fundamentally shaping the global tech landscape.

These corporations offer a wide range of services starting from brand management to AI and Big Data applications. With unique offerings such as virtual roses as a mode of currency on social platforms and regulatory services for machine manufacturers —these companies have created a robust and vibrant tech ecosystem in Guangzhou.

Let’s delve deeper into the operations, offerings, and ethos of these companies to understand what makes them dynamic players in the tech world.


Located in Guangzhou, Lego is a well-established asset e-commerce channel management operator. Founded in 2011, the company offers full-service online e-commerce services to improve both brand and product strength.


An innovative social platform, JOYY connects users in real-time via voice, text, and video. Founded by Xueling Li, users can earn virtual currency from a variety of activities and contribute to a vibrant online community.


RootCloud, founded by Zhen Liu, is a cloud computing platform that specializes in Internet of Things and industrial applications. Its primary target includes machine manufacturers, equipment users, and government regulatory agencies.


HeyGears is a technology company dedicated to 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technologies. Founded by Heyuan Huang and Peiyan Gui, it offers a unique blend of hardware, software, and material science solutions.


Candao provides O2O solutions for domestic catering and retail enterprises. Zhenhong Li founded the brand in 2014, which has its global network spanning Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other places.


Focusing on AI and big data, DataStory is a business application provider based in Guangzhou. Founded by Xu Yabo, the company offers an array of services related to Artificial Intelligence.


SequoiaDB is a leading database provider that specializes in distributed databases. Founded by Jordan Tang, the company has been recognized in Gartner’s reports for three consecutive years.


An internet company focusing on mobile games, Flamingo, was founded by Shuo Ma. Their online business includes game platforms, publishing, research, development, and big data.

Top Ideal

Top Ideal offers digital cross-border supply chain services, including supply chain solutions, 4PL order management, digital clearance, and more.

Smarter Microelectronics

Specialising in designing, developing and providing MMIC, RF and Analog IC, Smarter Microelectronics has a broad range of technology capability and IP portfolio on RF, Analog, and SOC design.


Located in Guangzhou, Beauty,Inc. is a mobile app company that focuses on beauty, software, and Information Technology. Founded by Yi Shen, the company has made significant strides in app development and launched numerous successful products.

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