Leapdroid: Exploring Melbourne’s Impactful Graphic Design Software Companies

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is not just a place known for its coffee culture and sports but also the home to a plethora of innovative companies operating in the Graphic Design industry. Here we put a spotlight on these companies that are making significant strides in their respective sectors, from Consumer Electronics to UX Design.

These companies are breaking boundaries, changing the rules, and setting new standards in the graphic design industry. They are driven by creativity, innovation, and the desire to make a difference in the market. Armed with adaptable and dynamic founders, they offer unique solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Let’s dive into a detailed bio of each of these unique companies based in Melbourne. Prepare to be inspired by the innovative minds behind these brands and their dedication to revolutionizing the Graphic Design industry.


Palette, launched by its founders Djordje Dikic and Paul Peng, is a creative startup that excels in bringing color to life through their innovative capturing devices. They are not only dedicated to Graphic Design but also cater to sectors like Consumer Electronics and Photography. Find them on their Facebook page and follow their updates on LinkedIn and Twitter at @palette.


The brainchild of founders Bianca Board and Simon Langridge, Foxley is setting a new perspective on website designing by incorporating marketing intelligence into a handy scorecard for every individual page. They are also using gamification to motivate designers and their clients to create stunning websites in less time. Connect with them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @Foxley_Rocks.


Encompassing a wide range of services including Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, Ya has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Graphic Design industry. Find them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Mo Works

Founded by Mo Hamdouna, Mo Works is a full-service independent creative agency that offers a variety of services ranging from marketing advisory and development to advertising and creatives. Their work can be tailed on their Facebook page, at @mo_works on Twitter, and on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Anton Taskin and Julia Taskina, Ellty provides a simple but powerful online tool for creating stunning graphic designs. Follow them on their Facebook page, at @elltycom on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Gray Puksand

Distinguished in the space of Architecture, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, Gray Puksand offers a unique vision that sets it apart in the industry. Connect with Gray Puksand on their LinkedIn page and on Twitter @

Our Very Own

Founded by Ozaif Ibrahim, Our Very Own is an innovation consultancy service that enhances human interaction by design. Explore their updates on their Facebook page and on LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter @ourveryown.

LCI Consultants

LCI Consultants stands out as a building engineering design house that provides building services and design solutions for its clients worldwide. Follow their work on their Facebook page, @ConsultantsLci on Twitter, and on their LinkedIn page.

SYPAQ Systems

Founded by George Vicino, SYPAQ Systems has been making a significant impression in the Graphic Design industry as well as in Cyber Security, Data Integration, Information Services, and Software industry. Follow SYPAQ Systems on their LinkedIn page and on Twitter @sypaq_official.

The Marketing Project

The Marketing Project has become a leader in the space of Advertising, Consulting, Graphic Design by offering techniques in Lead Generation, Marketing, SEM, and SEO. Catch them at @tmp_marketing on Twitter, on their Facebook page, and on their LinkedIn page.

Rubix Studios

Launched by Vincent Vu, Rubix Studios offers a complete multimedia solutions provider including marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google advertising (PPC), web design and development as well as video production and photography. Connect with the Rubix Studios community on their Facebook page, at @rubixstory on Twitter, and on their LinkedIn page.

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