Leapdroid: Leading Emulator Innovation from Markham’s Electronics Industry

Leapdroid: Leading Emulator Innovation from Markham’s Electronics Industry

Markham, Ontario, Canada, also known to some as “Silicon Valley North”, is a hotbed of technological innovation. This is particularly true in the electronics industry; several innovative companies in this sector have chosen Markham as their headquarters. These companies are making a significant impact not only on the Canadian economy, but in the shaping of our future, through their innovative products and services.

In this article, we will delve deeper into some of these remarkable companies. We will discuss their backgrounds, their fields of specialization, and their contributions to the world of electronics. Having a breadth of experience, from robotics to LED lighting, these companies are a testament to the wide range of technological capabilities present in Markham.

While several companies in Markham are making strides in the Electronics industry, we will be focusing here on ten specific companies. All of these businesses, though diverse in their particular fields of specialization, share a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service.

Cyberworks Robotics

Founded by Vivek Burhanpurkar, Cyberworks Robotics has been pushing the boundaries in the field of autonomous robot technology with their innovative design of self-driving robot and wheelchairs. With a strong web presence across platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and @CyberworksInc on Twitter, the company stays connected with its customers and industry peers.


StenTech is a company based in Markham that provides services in Electronics and Manufacturing industry. They also have a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Co-founded by Edward Smith, SMTC offers a plethora of services from PCBA production to product design, testing services and supply chain management. They can be followed on multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and via their Twitter handle @SMTCCorporation.

AEG Power Solutions

Founded by Emil Rathenau, AEG Power Solutions provides innovative, cost-efficient solutions for power challenges worldwide. This includes a range of products from power conversion modules, UPS systems, to industrial chargers and DC systems. They can be followed on LinkedIn and their handle on Twitter is @AEGPS.


Iristel, founded by Samer Bishay, currently stands as Canada’s largest and fastest-growing carrier. This company aims to change communication methods and improve the work climate by facilitating better collaboration and performance via their products. Their presence extends to Facebook, @iristel on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bittele Electronics

Bittele Electronics is a PCB assembly house, which offers a one-stop electronic assembly service for prototypes and above electronic services. You can follow them on Facebook, @bittele7pcb on Twitter and on LinkedIn


NewPow Inc. specializes in energy efficient LED lighting projects. They offer a variety high-quality lighting fixtures, suitable for all styles of industrial to residential areas, and provide multiple financial options for new projects.

Edac Connectors

Edac Connectors operates in the field of Electrical Distribution, Electronics, and Manufacturing. Connected via Facebook, @EdacConnectors on Twitter and LinkedIn, the company remains engaged across multiple social media platforms.

Epson Canada

Epson Canada, a dominant player in Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicle, and Electronics field has its web presence established over @EpsonCanada on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Acculogic manufactures systems for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and offers several services such as validating design, ensuring prototype integrity, and delivering defect-free final products. Their market reaches sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Commercial Electronics, Medical and Military.

Invotek Electronics

Founded by David Patterson and Paul LaCroix, Invotek Electronics is in the business of manufacturing and designing electronic devices.

In conclusion, Markham, Ontario, Canada is home to a multitude of remarkable companies in the electronics industry. The city continues to be a center for innovation, attracting talented individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs, solidifying its reputation as a dynamic technological hub.

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