Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from Munich’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from Munich’s Tech Hub

In the heart of Europe, Munich’s thriving tech scene is home to some of the most innovative companies in the computer, software, and apps industry. From AI application in construction industry to the use of computer vision technology in insurance claims, the startup companies in Munich are pioneering technological advancements across a multitude of sectors. Let’s look at some of these game-changing companies making waves in the tech world from their Munich bases.


Alasco, founded by Anselm Bauer, Benjamin Guenther, and Sebastian Schuon, is moving project development and control into the digital future. Through the automation of workflows and centralisation of financial data, Alasco’s software solutions are increasing productivity, reducing errors and facilitating superior decision-making processes. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founders Krishna Sridhar and Sharique Husain created CONXAI with a vision to accelerate the construction industry’s digital transformation using No-Code AI. This cutting-edge company is leading a new era of productivity in the sector. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Alexis Hanke and Pablo Duy K. Vu, MotionsCloud is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Using computer vision technology to analyze car and property damage, insurance claims are handled more efficiently, reducing processing time and cost. Stay updated with MotionsCloud on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Artisense Corporation

Founded by Andrej Kulikov, Artisense Corporation provides advanced, globally leading computer vision and artificial intelligence technology and data, enabling highly-scalable cost-effective Visual Inertial Positioning Systems (VINS) for GNSS-independent autonomous navigation. Check their LinkedIn for more information.

36ZERO Vision

36ZERO Vision, co-founded by Florian Ziesche and Zeeshan Karamat, delivers an AI-powered visual inspection system designed to identify and solve a variety of manufacturing quality issues. It offers fully automated error tracking and identification for optimized manufacturing agility. Follow their progress on their LinkedIn page.


An award-winning AI startup that detects objects in high-resolution aerial imagery for industrial customers, TerraLoupe accurately defines geo image data to improve decision making. Keep up with TerraLoupe on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Created by Andrey Golubinskiy, Mikhail Sokirnik, and Victor Samoylenko, Apostera is paving the way for a new era of autonomous driving with their innovative ADAS software solutions. Stay tuned to Apostera through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Focusing on the development of specialty actuators for industrial environments, Wolfgang Zoels founded MetisMotion to provide high force-density and ultra-dynamic linear actuators based on decades of relevant experience.


Founded by Maximilian Korner, boost provides a personal fitness coach powered by computer vision and AI technology. Workouts provided by Boost are personalised based on your previous performance and fitness goals.


Founded by Constantin Kauffmann, Tim Sippl, and Yannik Mack, oculai offers a camera-based data collection solution for construction sites. Using intelligent computer vision algorithms, oculai provides vital data on resource utilization, construction performance, and progress. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.


Formed by Abdurrahman Namli, Christoph Hohenberger, and Patrick Oehler, Retorio developed a video-based behavioral assessment powered by AI that detects facial expressions, language, gestures, and voice to create a Big 5 Personality profile. Keep up with Retorio on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Munich is an exciting hub of tech innovation. Not only are these companies driving advancements within their own sectors but also influencing overall technological development. From AI applications to computer vision techniques, their breakthroughs are setting the pace for the future of technology and improving processes across different sectors.

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