Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovator from Courbevoie, Ile-de-France, France

Welcome to one of the ever-growing series of articles that shines a spotlight on leading companies operating in the Information Technology industry, particularly those with headquarters in Courbevoie, Ile-de-France, France. In this expansive tech landscape, keeping track of key players, their products, and their contributions is paramount. Therefore, this guide provides a glossary of France’s tech giants, complete with company bios, contact information, and an overview of their respective sectors. Buckle in as we delve into their missions, accomplishments, and commitment to tech excellence.

From Identity Management to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, France’s tech scene is thriving. These companies are pushing the boundary of creativity and technological advancements, thereby paving the way for a global future powered by innovation. As you read, explore their unique stories and discover the high-powered technology running in the heart of France, Courbevoie.

Follow through and get acquainted with the companies setting new standards and revolutionizing France’s tech industry. With vast industry coverage, this piece offers a rich array of company bios that students, tech enthusiasts, and professionals will find informative and inspiring.


IDEMIA is a global leader in Identity Management, Information Technology, and Network Security. Known formerly as Morpho and renamed as Safran Identity & Security on 19th May 2016, the company provides security and identity solutions in over 100 countries. Backed by over 40 years of experience in biometrics, they offer innovative technologies for wide-ranging markets and applications. IDEMIA also provides trusted online transactions and services, helping governments and businesses protect identities, ensure safety, and safeguard privacy.

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StarOfService, co-founded by Lucas Lambertini, Maël Leclair, and Toni Paignant, is redesigning the way professional services are booked. As an online portal on the cutting-edge of Information Technology, StarOfService connects local professionals to new customers, assisting in the growth of their business. Their platform allows users to find the right professionals within budget and in close proximity.

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Co-founded by Maxime Cariou, Aymax is an Information Technology company offering consulting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. The company operates within the software industry, yet its full service portfolio is not completely known.

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With its founder Thierry Davigny leading the way, Digitim specializes in consultancy, deployment, and tailor-made maintenance of mobile fleet management. This company is defining new standards in the sector through its innovative Information Technology and Fleet Management Services.

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Founded by Etienne Colella, PIXID provides online management solutions for the temporary work market. PIXID’s SaaS solution helps companies and temporary work service providers manage the complex processes relative to workforce needs while ensuring local regulatory requirements are respected.

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Cleverside offers vast Information Technology services, including accounting management, support for professional expenses, customer referrals in IT, an extensive network of consultants and clients, along with administrative and tax support.

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Axiatel is a leading platform for e-commerce with a particular focus on telecom solutions. They offer a wide range of services for professionals such as fax to email, virtual switchboards, video conferencing, IP telephony, and conference calling. Currently, Axiatel is extending its presence to SOHO-SME, self-entrepreneurs, and telecommuters in 11 countries.

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Co-founded by Nicolas Peltier, Anatole offers solutions that allow enterprises to manage key aspects of telecoms, mobility, and IT. Their software handles matters such as cost, policy, usage, and assets, making Anatole a critical resource for companies dealing with these aspects on a daily basis.

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With its expertise in information systems integration and support, Epinest is a prominent player in Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology, and Consulting. The company develops healthcare information systems and AI-based apps to optimize healthcare operations and processes, thereby providing a better experience and support for patients.

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emagine combines technical expertise in business, information technology, and engineering with consulting services to deliver top-quality solutions to clients. Their services range from business intelligence, development operations, data protection to cyber security.

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Last but not least, Invivoo is the publisher of the XComponent software suite, aimed at immunizing IT projects against slippage factors and making the relaunching of applications more reliable. Invivoo’s innovative solutions add immense value to the asset management, finance, robotics, and software sectors.

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