Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from Sunnyvale, California’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from Sunnyvale, California’s Tech Hub

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The heart of digital innovation in California, Sunnyvale is a technological nest from where several modern-day companies have sprung. With a blend of mature corporations and up-and-coming startups, the software industry here is booming. Let’s take a closer look at ten of these software companies that call Sunnyvale home.

These companies, all varied in their specialities, offer a wide range of services – from indoor positioning, cyber security, information technology, revenue operations, medical software to artificial intelligence. The diversity found in the software industry here is truly astonishing.

With growing demand and impeccable lifeline support from the technological hub, these companies have been sailing successfully, some for decades, towards their respective visions. With their objectives clearly directed towards making people’s lives easier and better, they are a force to reckon with. Here, we venture into knowing these companies more closely.


Founded by Charles Trimble in 1978, Trimble applies technology to increase productivity. Primarily focused on GPS, lasers, and positioning technologies, it also delivers solutions using wireless technologies. You can grasp more about them on @TrimbleCorpNews or Facebook.

Cerebras Systems

Cerebras Systems, founded by Andrew Feldman and his team accelerates AI with its uniquely designed computing chips. This startup has quickly gained popularity within the industry. Further details can be found on their LinkedIn page.


LeanData, developed by Evan Liang and Kelvin Cheung, leads the way in Revenue Ops, offering a unified go-to-market approach to enterprises. Their focus on improving the buyer experience and driving greater revenue has been their winning edge. Follow them on @LeanData.


Founded by Benjamin Lee and his team in 2017, BrightInsight offers an IoT platform for bio-pharma and med-tech, providing integrated data for regulated drugs, devices, and software. Find them on LinkedIn.

Blue River Technology

Co-founded by Jorge Heraud and Lee Redden, Blue River Technology is paving the way for digital agriculture with their innovative computer vision and robotics solutions. Keep up with their latest developments on their Facebook page.


Turvo, launched by Eric Gilmore and team, is the first-ever platform designed uniquely for the global supply-chain. With cloud-based software and mobile apps, they are bridging the gap between shippers, logistics providers, and carriers. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Syllable, a company by Andrew Rogers and his team, is significantly transforming how healthcare systems cultivate relationships with patients through AI. They ensure a smooth patient journey by navigating healthcare systems with transparency and intelligence. Connect with them on Facebook.


RedSeal, brought into existence by Alain Mayer and team, is a renowned name in security risk management software solutions. They assist companies in warding off cyber threats, maintaining an impressive portfolio of major corporations and government agencies. For more details, visit their @RedSeal_co Twitter handle.

Rafay Systems

Rafay Systems, an initiative of Hanumantha Kavuluru and Haseeb Budhani, offers the first-ever Kubernetes Operations Platform. They aim to maximize the value of containerized apps by centralizing visibility, management, and automation. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.


SafeBreach, led by Guy Bejerano and Itzik Kotler, offers a breakthrough platform that proactively predicts attacks and validates security controls. They are pioneers in breach and attack simulation. You can follow them at @safebreach.


Founded by Avi Kivity and Dor Laor, ScyllaDB is specifically designed for today’s data-intensive applications. With its monstrously scalable database, it is optimized for wide-column NoSQL workloads. Follow their updates on @scylladb.

The software industry in Sunnyvale is thriving, and these ten companies are just a few examples of the commitment, innovation, and excellence that permeates every facet of this industry. Ensuring better lives through technology, they are persistently breaking new ground and redefining what’s possible.

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