Leapdroid: Montreal’s Pioneering Force in Innovative Android Emulation Software

In a rapidly digitising world, the Information Technology industry continues to pave the way for innovative solutions applicable to a myriad of sectors. Montréal, Quebec, Canada, serving as the headquarters for many IT companies, has become a hub for these technological leaps. In this article, we will take a look at some of the companies leading the pack.

From artificial intelligence and financial services, to aerospace, broadcasting and real estate; these companies are pushing the envelope in their respective industries. Their contributions to the tech world highlight the dynamic and diverse nature of Information Technology industry.

Each company listed below not only innovates in their field, but also contributes to the economic growth and technological advancements of Montréal, often recognized as one of Canada’s tech hubs. Let’s meet these trailblazers:

BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI utilizes cloud-based computing, algorithms, and a proprietary process to create autonomous building technology, aiming at maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction. The company was founded in 2017 by Angelos Vlasopoulos, Jean-Simon Venne, John Cammett, and Sean Neely. For more about them, visit their Facebook page or follow them on @brainboxai.


Previously known as SafeCharge, Nuvei provides the technology and intelligence businesses need to succeed both locally and globally. The company, founded by David Avgi, emphasizes on removing payment barriers and optimizing costs. Learn more about them on their Facebook page or follow them on @SafeCharge.


Finding its footing in the FinTech world, Equisoft is a global provider of advanced insurance and investment digital solutions. Luis Romero, the founder, has seen his company become a valued partner to hundreds of the world’s leading financial institutions. Follow them on @EquiSoft or like their page on Facebook.

Fresche Solutions

Founded by Andy Kulakowski and Stephen Woodard, Fresche Solutions offers services from IT planning and platform analysis to application modernization. Keep up with the company’s activities on @freschesolution or on their Facebook page.

NorthStar Earth & Space

NorthStar Earth & Space, founded by Stewart Bain, provides Earth Observation and Space Object Tracking information products, aiming to develop technologies to improve space exploration. Keep abreast with their initiatives on @NSEarthandSpace.


CAE, founded by David Henke, stands as a world leader in providing simulation and modeling technologies and integrated training solutions, particularly for the civil aviation industry and defence forces. Be sure to check out their Facebook page or follow them on @cae_inc.


Haivision, under the wings of Miroslav Wicha, provides complete video streaming solutions for various purposes. From enterprise communication and training to surveillance operations, Haivision bridges the gap in video workflows. Connect with them on Facebook or follow them on @Haivision.

Stradigi AI

Stradigi AI, an artificial intelligence SaaS company, is a brainchild of Basil Bouraropoulos, Curtis Gavura, and Jaime Camacaro. This company accelerates time-to-value for data-driven decisions across business functions. Connect with them through @stradigiAI or check out their Facebook page.

Local Logic

Local Logic, founded by Colin Stewart, Gabriel Damant-Sirois, and Vincent-Charles Hodder, has the ambition of helping build cities that are more sustainable and equitable. To achieve this, they digitize the built world and make it universally understandable and actionable. Follow their activities on @local_logic or on their Facebook page., co-founded by Jaffray Hill and Steve Gendron, specializes in apps, information services, and IT solutions. Connect with them on Facebook or follow their activities on @ENDVR_io.


Kaloom, under Laurent Marchand and Simon Williams, is developing a fully automated, programmable data center networking software solution. They are serving various companies, from entrepreneurs to large corporations. Stay updated through their Facebook page or follow them on @Kaloom_Inc.

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