Leapdroid: Innovating Software Solutions from Chuo, Hokkaido’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Innovating Software Solutions from Chuo, Hokkaido’s Tech Scene

Based in Chuo, Hokkaido, Japan, various innovative software companies are making waves, influencing industries ranging from Internet services and Artificial Intelligence to Automotive and Cyber Security. In this edition of Leapdroid, we delve deep to provide you with detailed accounts of these companies making strides in the software industry.

These companies, known for their vast industry applications and workforce expertise, are based in the central city of Chuo, Hokkaido. Here, they create and offer a variety of advanced software solutions, tailoring their products to meet the specific needs of consumers and businesses alike.

Investing heavily in technology, creativity, and employee talent, these companies are harnessing the transformative power of digital development to catapult their potential. Without further ado, let’s commence our deep dive into these revolutionary organizations beginning with…


Founded by Kento Furukawa, Masahiro Okabe, Ryosuke Imai, and Takashi Sugiyama and specialising in internet and software services, Gigi Co., Ltd., is rooted in the development of software systems and applications. Their calling sees them providing services to businesses and communities, with an exquisite strategy focusing on the concept of helping customers buy meal tickets for a friend or family member.

Woven Planet

Established in 2021 by James Kuffner, Woven Planet Holdings relies heavily on advanced engineering, human-centric interface design, and artificial intelligence to drive its operations. With the ambition of achieving zero casualties and providing universal mobility, the company aims to weave together the world’s most innovative technologies and operates under Woven Capital, Woven Core, Inc., and Woven Alpha, Inc.

IBM Japan

Operating in the sphere of consulting, leasing, semiconductors, and software development, IBM Japan has curated components integrating into large-scale computer systems. It offers businesses consulting, technical support, and leasing services, reinforcing its established reputation in the multinational market.


Notta splits its specialty across Information Technology, Software, and Text Analytics. Its innovative presence in the Japanese market makes it a compelling player in the software industry.

NetFarm Communications

Serving as a pivot in the IT and Software industry, NetFarm Communications has carved out a unique position. Their specialized software solutions cater to a wide range of business and customer needs.


In the realm of Information Technology, IT Management, and Software, ADWiC continues to influence the software arena with its distinct products and services. With its robust IT solutions, it assumes a pivotal role in a technology-driven world.


ARIS integrates Consulting, Sales, Security, and Software into its operations, driving technological transformation with their diverse range of services.


Digitalish, with its distinct services including Consulting, Software, Software Engineering, and Web Development, has ushered in a fresh perspective in the software industry. Its innovative approach propels its unique position in the digitized market.

NAM Co., Ltd.

Playing a significant role in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, Hardware, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software, NAM Co., Ltd. continues to impress with its intuitive designs and sophisticated technology engineered by founder Tetsupei Nakano.


Recognised for its operations in Cyber Security, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing, Sales, and Software, Asgent is adept at weaving complex digital webs that keep businesses secure and operationally effective.


Founded by Kondo Keiko, Cocoe has placed itself in the nexus of Advertising, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Software, and Web Development. Through creative implementation of software applications across multiple domains, Cocoe is evolving the digital landscape.

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