Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Excellence in Parsippany, New Jersey

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Excellence in Parsippany, New Jersey

Parsippany, New Jersey, United States is home to many innovative companies operating in the Software industry, each with its uniqueness and contributing remarkably to their various sectors. This article highlights some of these companies, providing a brief overview of their industry involvement, founders, and services offered.

In no particular order, these companies have solidified their positions in various niches ranging from EdTech and E-commerce to Health Care and Telecommunications, and many more. Their enterprise solutions have continued to shape businesses, facilitating effective operations and increased growth.

One common thread running through these companies is their passion to use software in making complex processes simpler and more effective. Below is a special feature on each company:


Northpass, founded by Stephen Cornwell, is a leading player in Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Software, and Training Industry. By placing the learner at the center of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning platform, Northpass ensures a more effective and satisfying learning experience. They continually unleash brilliant features that are helping businesses grow exponentially. Facebook. LinkedIn. @northpasshq.


INTTRA is the leading e-marketplace in the ocean shipping industry. They provide technology that changes industry connection and business methods. Their services have revolutionized the process of managing shipments around the world. Facebook. LinkedIn. @inttra.


Pioneered by Lawrence Smith, Provenir makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions with its risk analytics and decisioning Platform. LinkedIn. @ProvenirGlobal.


Founded by Joseph Davi, Med-Metrix provides Performance Management and Revenue Cycle solutions to the healthcare industry. They have a unique, efficient, and rapidly integrated system. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Millennium Systems International

Millennium Systems International, was founded by John Harms. It’s a business management software provider to the beauty & clinic industries. Their dynamic software system has made them a trustworthy partner for many businesses. Facebook. LinkedIn. @speakmillennium.


Founded by James Shinn, Dialogic is a global provider of real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure solutions. The platform has earned them many awards, including Best Unified Communications Innovation Award at Capacity Europe 2018, and 2017 WebRTC World Product of the Year Award. Facebook. LinkedIn. @dialogic.

Macrosoft Inc

Stacked by Ronald Mueller, Macrosoft Inc delivers top-tier, full lifecycle solutions to complex software development projects. They have over 20 years of successful engagements and over 300 professionals working for an exceptional client list. Facebook. LinkedIn. @macrosoft_inc.


Firing up with Thomas Clarke at the helm, Solix is a leading provider of Qualification Process Outsourcing (QPO) services to government and commercial organizations. Facebook. @SolixInc. LinkedIn.


d2i, founded by Jonathan Rothman and Scott Richards, provides on-premise, on-demand, web-based, SAAS dashboards, and analytic support services for Emergency Departments, and other clinical departments. Facebook. @EMBIonDemand. LinkedIn.

Pocket Recruiter

Pocket Recruiter was established by Bel Martijena and operates in Artificial Intelligence, Industrial, Industrial Manufacturing, Machine Learning, and Software industry. This company aims to revolutionize recruitment processes globally.

ATEC Wireless

ATEC Wireless stands out in the Information Technology, Software, and Telecommunications industry. The company is known for its top-notch services in providing wireless solutions. Facebook. @ATECWireless. LinkedIn.

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