Leapdroid: Innovative IT Solutions Hub in Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden

It is a fact that Sweden is a hotbed of tech innovation and Malmö, Skane Lan, is no exception. This city houses multiple leading companies in the Information Technology industry and has seen a surge of software and application development businesses in the past few years. Here is a closer look at some of the companies that are successfully creating a buzz in this IT hub of Sweden, shaping the future of IT services, cyber security, SaaS, and software development.

Despite the global tech giants dominating the scene, the presence of these companies marks a paradigm shift toward encouraging tech innovations at home. These Malmö-based businesses are trailblazing in cybersecurity, software services, and app development, displaying technological prowess and entrepreneurial audacity.

Today we explore some of these companies, their visions, and their contributions to the field of Information Technology. They are pioneering in their respective domains, adapting and implementing the latest technology solutions to ensure a prominent and successful IT industry in Malmö.


Founded by Daniel Wisenhoff, Martin Hell, and Oscar Reimer, Debricked is a SaaS company specialising in cyber security, consulting and software development. Their main focus is to help companies minimize potential risks when utilizing Open Source platforms in product development with their state of the art machine learning technology. Check them out on @debrickedab, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Developed by founders Karl Wiersholm and Stein Revelsby, Hoylu‘s solutions are centered around making processes such as presentation, ideation, and collaboration more user-friendly. Find them on @HoyluGroup, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Covr Security AB

Covr Security AB was brought into existence by Patrik Malmberg and Peter Alexanderson to enhance mobile security and control over personal digital information. Follow them on @covrsecurity, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Launched by Annica Belfrage and Charlotta Tönsgård, Kind is a secure cloud platform for communication and knowledge sharing, making healthcare providers communication experience smoother. Kind can be found on @thekindapp, Facebook, and Linkedin.


The founders of Pej, Joel Oredsson and Victor Sandberg, created a unique payment solution that improves the shopping experience at lunch places, bars, and restaurants. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Orbital Systems

Founded by Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Orbital Systems developed the world’s most advanced shower system, reducing water consumption by up to 90%. Find them on @orbital_systems, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Docly International AB

Healthcare and technology merge at Docly International AB, a venture by Fredrik Meurling, Laurens Leurink, and Magnus Nyhlén. They already have over 800k digital consultations under their belt. Look them up on @docly and Linkedin.


Anima developed by founders Fredrik Rosen, Sarandis Kalogeropoulos, and Thomas Sandelius is creating and offering portable, smart, and Internet-connected consumer products.

United Robots

United Robots, founded by Sören Karlsson, creates automated content from structured data using AI and data science. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Freedrum offers a unique virtual drum set that comes along with connected digital services for learning and analysis. You can check them on @freedrumrocks, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Pangara by founders David Svensson and Fredrik Wesslé connects top developers in Vietnam with clients worldwide. Follow them on @pangaraworld, Facebook, and Linkedin.

In conclusion, these trailblazing companies form a significant part of the growing tech ecosystem in Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden. With a drive for innovation and passion for technology, these companies reflect the city’s up-and-coming status as a tech hub in the Scandinavian region.

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