Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation in Troy’s Information Technology Landscape

As the landscape of technology continues its rapid evolution, the state of Michigan, and specifically the city of Troy, has become a hotspot for innovators, entrepreneurs, and established tech companies alike. The need for analytics, software, and IT solutions is high in effectively every sector of business. The companies at the forefront of these industries call Troy, Michigan home, where they leverage the region’s resources, talent, and opportunities for their growth and global reach. Among these are Altair, Great Recruiters, Ariprus, 365 Retail Markets, CBI, RGBSI, Syntel, CIBER, MOTOR Information Systems, iDashboards, and Centroid Systems. Let’s explore each.


Fortified by over three decades of experience, Altair offers an enterprise analytics, engineering, and on-demand computing software technologies. Its technology optimizes the analysis, management, and visualization of business and engineering information. The company’s products include HyperWorks, and PBS GridWorks, a software environment for grid, cluster, and on-demand computing. Altair has regional offices and locations globally, connecting through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Great Recruiters

Founded in 2017, Great Recruiters is a real-time experience and reputation management platform specifically designed for recruiters and staffing firms. The real-time dashboard shows recruiters how they compare to the competition and provides the motivation to move from good to great. Connect to Great Recruiters through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Ariprus operates at the intersection of analytics, industrial software, and Information Technology, led by Harsheeda and Praful Satasia. Engage with Ariprus on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets provides cutting-edge self-service conveniences that meet customers’ needs worldwide, found in breakrooms, café’s, and everywhere else in between. They are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


CBI delivers advanced analytics, business and technology consulting, including application modernization, cloud, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and digital workplace offerings. You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


RGBSI is an Information Technology company with a focus on providing staffing solutions and recruiting services. Get in touch with RGBSI on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Syntel, now operating as ATOS SYNTEL INC, provides integrated information technology and knowledge process services to global enterprises by leveraging automation, scaled agile, and cloud platforms. You can connect with Syntel on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


CIBER, Inc. is a global IT consulting, services and outsourcing company applying innovation through services and solutions that deliver tangible results. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

MOTOR Information Systems

MOTOR Information Systems provides aftermarket information solutions for vehicles, offering accurate data to drive end user applications. Engage with MOTOR on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


iDashboards provide users easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards that create context so users can draw real meaning from their data. Connect with iDashboards on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Centroid Systems

Centroid Systems is an IT and software company founded by Eric Reed and Scott Morrell. You can access their website for more information.

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