Leapdroid: Innovative Mobile Gaming Emulator from Evanston’s Software Scene

The Software Industry has seen a wave of dynamism with continual emergence of innovative companies. A hotbed of such innovation is Evanston, Illinois, where several tech firms have sprung up, providing cutting-edge solutions in software, web development, logisitcs, and many other areas. Here, we spotlight a number of companies that are making waves in the industry from their headquarters in Evanston Illinois.

From companies employing top-level blockchain technology, to those reshaping the logistics sector, and others offering returns on reputation through data-driven solutions, the diversity is impressive. All these companies share a strong grounding in the technological advances of the 21st century, and the commitment to pushing boundaries and shattering norms.

This is a testament to the growth and diversity of the tech ecosystem in Evanston, Illinois. Whether you are interested in the tech industry or just curious, you will find this ensemble informative.

Founded by George DeMet, is a distinguished digital consultancy that has, since 1996, been providing communities, businesses, and organizations with the tools to achieve their goals in the evolving digital world. Their services span across consulting, software, web design, and web development. More about the company can be found on their social pages: @palantir, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Focusing on Logistics, Shipping, Software, and Supply Chain Management, Eyefreight has innovated significantly. It has created a global transportation solution facilitating efficient supply management. Eyefreight was founded in 2009 by industry veterans – Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar, Wouter Lammerse, and Yung Fu. Follow them on Linkedin and @eyefreight for updates.


Accuity, a tech pioneer in the Banking, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, IT, and Software industry, offers an array of solutions that optimize payment pathways and manage risks and compliance. Visit their social pages at Facebook, @accuitytweets, Linkedin.


Launched in 2018 by Alan Waldman, Ilya Mikhelson, and Michael Waldman, Avansa specializes in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and software. They have developed a software platform that lets users create trading bots. Follow their latest updates on Linkedin.

Integrated Protein Technologies

Integrated Protein Technologies leads in the biotechnology industry by offering protein and oligonucleotide workflow automation solutions. Check them out on Linkedin.

Katalyst Technologies

Founded by Rahul Shah, Katalyst Technologies provides a range of IT professional services to clients around the globe. Connect with them on Facebook, @katalysttechno, and Linkedin.

Source Elements

A brainchild of Rebekah Wilson and Robert Marshall, Source Elements produces software solutions for working remotely over the Internet. Connect with them on Facebook, @sourceelements, and Linkedin.

Acquirent LLC

Acquirent LLC offers outsourced sales solutions for corporations of all sizes. Get to know them better through their social pages on Facebook, @Acquirent, and Linkedin.

Breakthrough Technologies

For creative and comprehensive technology solutions, Breakthrough Technologies comes to the forefront. Follow their social networks on Facebook, @break_tech, and Linkedin.


Founded by Moon Lee, Servo is a digital product development agency specializing in full-stack development. You can follow them on @servomakes.

Best Case

Best Case is a software company that specializes in internet and software solutions. For further information, they can be found on Linkedin and @BestCaseTweet.

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