Leapdroid: Leading the Mobile App Industry From Sofia, Bulgaria’s Heartbeat


The vibrant city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, hosts a thriving ecosystem of mobile app development companies. These companies are revolutionizing various industries with their innovative solutions. This article will focus on some of the outstanding firms that are making huge strides in mobile app technology from Sofia.

The companies to be spotlighted range from those operating in the FinTech and Human Resources sectors to others dabbling in cutting-edge fields like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have all marked their territories with their unique solutions designed to solve pressing problems relevant to their industries.

These companies boast of strong leadership, competent teams, and a clear vision that drives their operations. Their innovative apps not only cater to local needs but have also gained global recognition. Now, let’s delve into some of these leading mobile app companies based in Sofia.

Phyre JSC

Founded by the trio of Ivo Gueorguiev, Konstantin Djelebov, and Valeri Valtchev, phyre JSC operates in the FinTech, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Payments industry. The firm offers seamless technology integrated with a complete set of payment services that power solutions used by the likes of A1, Bosch, Cannon, and McAfee.


nPloy is a game-changer in the Human Resources industry with its job platform that transforms the way employers and candidates find the perfect match. With more than 160 partners and 35,000 users (and growing), nPloy continues to enhance the talent and job searching experience.


Led by founder Nick Todorov, LimeChain is paving the way in Blockchain, Consulting, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, and Mobile Apps, helping companies optimize processes and lead through Blockchain & DLT solutions.


Founded by Branimir Parashkevov, Simeon Mitev, and Timo Railo, Appzio is pioneering server-driven mobile development, making it easier to launch high-quality app solutions.


MAXCART, a brainchild of founders Petar Bogdanov and Peter Rusev, is transforming the web and mobile app landscape. Their platform offers an innovative approach to developing successful online businesses.


iGreet founded by Vicho Dimitrov, is a unique app that brings traditional greeting cards to life using augmented reality technology.


Founded by Mert Salur, Tavan aims to guide outdoor athletes in making functional clothing choices through the combination of weather data and machine learning.

Race Cloud

The creative minds behind Race Cloud, Dimitar Kunchev, Rosen Kolarov, and Svetoslav Boiadjiev developed an innovative solution for go kart racing, including high precision data logging devices, sensors, cables, cloud services, and a mobile app.

Easy Credit

Easy Credit, a creation of Galin Todorov, is revolutionizing the Banking, Finance, and Financial Services landscape using mobile app technology.


Founded by Eivind Semb, Coinpanda emerges as the go-to platform for digital currency tax solutions. The platform automatically synchronizes transactions from all exchanges directly.

M2M Services

Led by Mitch Besser, M2M Services has made significant strides in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Security industries with its innovative solutions.


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