Leapdroid: Innovative Perth-Based IT Company Transforming Software and App Development

In the heart of Western Australia, the city of Perth has become a hub of innovative companies in the Information Technology industry. Known for its thriving mining industry, Perth is now also gaining a reputation for being a leader in the world of technology, information systems, and software development. This article is part of a series that shines a light on some of these companies, highlighting their services, their founders, and the various industries they are currently disrupting.

From offering unique cloud data services to paving the way in digital marketing strategies and artificial intelligence, these companies are making significant strides in the rapidly expanding tech world. Their solutions not only address local needs but are also impacting the global marketplace. Below you’ll find a detailed profile of each these dynamic Perth-based IT companies, all of which are significant contributors to this growing technology ecosystem.

What brings these companies together is their shared commitment to harnessing technology to create more efficient, secure, and dynamic solutions. While each company has unique specialisations and approach, they all share the common trait of leveraging IT to drive innovation and progress in various sectors. Let’s dive in and take a look at these remarkable tech companies that are putting Perth on the technology map.


Founded by Christopher Uchanski, Reseau is a company operating in the Cloud Data Services, Collaboration, Consulting, and Information Technology sectors. Reseau provides meaningful IT solutions to address the needs of its diverse client base. For more in-depth information visit Reseau’s website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

aCure Technology

A leading Information Technology provider, aCure Technology specialises in technology support and consulting services. Their unique IT solutions continue to impact the industry and client businesses positively. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.


A valuable player in the IT industry, INAUSCO is recognised for offering a wide-array of services including artificial intelligence/machine learning, data integration, analytics, web design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin to keep track of their novel business solutions.

Tape Ark

Tape Ark, based in East Perth, excels in the field of Cloud Management and Information Technology. To know more about their offerings and news, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Royal IT

In the realm of Cloud Computing, Consulting, Information Technology, and Network Hardware, Royal IT is a standout. Catch their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Netwest offers outstanding services in Business Development, Information Technology, and Internet. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Omega Business Forms and Systems

Specialising in Information Technology, Omega Business Forms and Systems is a leader in their field.


Talentko offers a variety of services across the Construction, Consulting, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, and Professional Services industries. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn for recent activities and updates.

Relative Networks Pty Ltd

Operating in the Information Services and Information Technology sectors, Relative Networks Pty Ltd is making huge strides in IT solutions. Follow the latest developments of the company on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Mathew Frederickson, The BEX is a leading company in the Consulting and Information Technology sectors based in Perth. Stay in touch with the company’s latest adventures on Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Family Zone

Co-founded by Crispin Swan and Paul Robinson, Family Zone is a pioneering firm in the Information Technology industry. They’ve created a cyber safety platform for families to ensure a safe digital environment for children. Stay updated with Family Zone, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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