Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Development in Rotterdam’s Tech Landscape

Rotterdam, a city renowned for its cutting-edge architecture and enterprising spirit, is also making strides as a hub for innovative tech companies. Located in the province of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is home to a multitude of companies that are innovating in the sectors of Information Technology and Software Applications. These firms range from big industry players to exciting start-ups forging the future with unique technological solutions. The following companies, all situated in Rotterdam, are actively putting the city on the global map of technology.


Founders: Erwin Buckers, Sander Verseput, Vincent Koeman, Willem Buijs

Chainels is reshaping the tech landscape in Rotterdam with its tenant experience platform, specifically designed for multi-tenant properties in the market. These include transport hubs, shopping centres and office buildings. Using its intuitive app, stakeholders can effectively manage aspects related to communication, marketing and data reporting. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founder: Gijs Geurts

Trusted by renowned entities such as McDonalds and Philips, Anywhere365 is a pioneering dialogue management and cloud contact center platform. Its integration capabilities with Microsoft Teams enhance efficiencies in business communication. The power of Anywhere365 lies in its ability to transform anyone in your business into a contact center. Learn more by following them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founders: Peter Madlener, Wouter Riedijk

VIKTOR provides a low-code application development platform focused on the engineering and construction sectors. Their cloud-based tech facilitates the creation of web apps for optimizing and automating processes. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founders: Giel Claes, Joris Linders, Peter Loef

Beequip, a leading equipment lease company, dedicates itself to supporting businesses with financing solutions for new and used equipment. Today, Beequip is the largest alternative SME lender in the Netherlands. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founders: Marco Van den Bosch, Rick van den Bosch

Serving as a connector between vendors and business partners, Channext is a software-as-a-service platform that enables instant cross-channel content publishing. This seamless process benefits vendors by providing key performance data across sales channels. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

levvr B.V.

Founders: Jorrin Sebregts, Sylvester Machielse, Tom Helder, Tom van de Vrede

With a mission to enable ‘first-time-right’ project delivery, levvr is a software platform that’s driving a revolution in the engineering industry. Its solution helps companies convert data into knowledge, thereby facilitating smarter work processes. Connect with them via LinkedIn.

RanMarine Technology

Founder: Richard Hardiman

RanMarine Technology BV designs and manufactures autonomous surface vessel solutions, exemplified by the WasteShark™ and MegaShark™. Their initiatives encompass debris, plastic, biomass, and pollutant collection from water bodies, alongside water-quality data acquisition in diverse environments such as harbours, marinas, and lakes, all aimed at safeguarding aquatic ecosystems. Connect with them on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


startup uses Slack to facilitate global discussions between founders about a wide array of topics such as feedback, Q&A’s, and business strategies.

STRM Privacy

Founders: Bart Voorn, Pim Nauts

STRM Privacy assists businesses in collecting real-time customer data with a focus on privacy and usability. Their solution is tailored for use in analytics, data science and machine learning applications. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


As an affordable plant for cyber threat protection, Guardey offers accessible solutions to businesses most susceptible to cyber threats. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founder: Irek Karkowski

Empowering senior citizens and vulnerable individuals, Sensara uses innovative technology to promote safe and healthier living. Their self-learning algorithms monitor medically verified profiles and send the data to user-friendly apps and interfaces. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ranging from sustainable tech solutions to future-defining software applications, these Rotterdam-based companies exemplify the city’s thriving tech scene and commitment to innovation. I look forward to seeing how these companies continue to transform their respective industries and foster an environment of technological growth in Rotterdam.

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