Leapdroid: Innovative Software Development Hub in Vantaa, Southern Finland

The bustling city of Vantaa in Southern Finland has emerged as a powerhouse of Information Technology, nurturing the growth of numerous companies in the sector. This IT hub fosters a diverse array of businesses, offering a variety of services from databases for industrial sourcing to revolutionary healthcare technology. This article explores a taste of what Vantaa’s IT sector has to offer, diving into the details of companies making waves in the industry.

Located in the most populous region of Finland, Vantaa is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area and is home to the majority of the country’s tech and software companies. It is an incubator for technological innovations and a breeding ground for new intelligent technologies that are shaping our future. The companies headquartered here are leading the way in multiple sectors, including software development, mobile apps, ride sharing, e-commerce, healthcare, industrial engineering, and much more.

The following are some of the top IT companies headquartered in Vantaa, each contributing their specialized expertise towards creating innovative solutions and leading the technological revolution in their respective fields. Each company’s name is linked to their official website, providing additional avenues for readers to explore their exciting work.


Founded by Jari Viinikkala and Roope Kekäläinen, Lygg is a smart mobility platform business that connects where there was once a void. Operating in the fields of air transportation, apps, electric vehicle, mobile, mobile apps, ride sharing, subscription service, and transportation, Lygg is changing the way we navigate. Find them on Twitter @lygg_app, on Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


VideoVisit, founded by Esa Ojala, is a Nordic health technology company striving to make healthcare available anywhere, anytime. Operating in the healthcare, IT, and software sectors, VideoVisit aims to help people live independently at home for as long as possible. At VideoVisit, they work in collaboration with healthcare specialists to ensure everyone can access their solutions. Follow them on Twitter @videovisit and LinkedIn here.


Nordic IT provider Solteq, an industry-independent software house that specializes in digital business solutions. A partner who knows what it takes to win in the digital disruption. Their 550 experts work in five countries developing and implementing solutions for clients mainly in Nordic countries. You can connect with them on Twitter @solteqtweets, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


Etteplan is a specialist in industrial equipment engineering, embedded systems and IoT and technical documentation solutions and services. Etteplan’s engineering services cover the entire life cycle of their client’s products. Their customers are global leaders in industries like automotive, aerospace defense, electricity generation and power transmission sectors, and material flow management. Connect with them on Twitter @etteplan, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


eSupplie is a marketplace platform and service provider for industrial sourcing. Their services include automated supply market intelligence, multilingualism, benchmarking, and centralized supply market information. Follow them on their Facebook page and on LinkedIn here.

Frends Technology Oy

Frends Technology Oy, an independent software vendor, develops and provides integration and management software solutions. The company also provides tools for monitoring and alerting in production environments. Following them on Twitter @frendsplatform and LinkedIn here.


Keypro offers their services in the fields of information services, IT, professional services, and software. You can connect with them on their Facebook page and on LinkedIn here.

Ideal Group

Ideal Group is an IT company specializing in consulting, product design and product management. You can follow them on Twitter @IDEAL_GRP, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

ITaito Oy

ITaito Oy is an IT company that has shown substantial growth within Vantaa. Find them on LinkedIn here.


Destia is a Finnish infrastructure and construction services company building complete living environments. Destia’s services range from comprehensive terrestrial activities to underground construction. Follow them on Twitter @destiaoy, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Atea Finland Oy

Atea Finland Oy is a leading IT company in Vantaa offering services in the field of information services and information technology. Follow them on Twitter @AteaFinland, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

From providing digital business solutions to revolutionizing healthcare access, these IT companies in Vantaa continue to innovate and propel the industry forward. Through unique solutions tailored to specific customer needs, they reinforce Vantaa’s position as a transformative force in the global IT scene.

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