Vancouver’s Leapdroid: Leading Edge in the Canadian Web Hosting Arena

Many technology companies operate within the global web hosting industry. However, some standout as innovative leaders in the market. Many happen to be headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In this series, we explore and highlight some of these key players which are contributing to the growth of the hosting industry, and shaping the future of the internet.

Web hosting is a sector with enormous potential for innovation and development. With more businesses and individuals creating web presences, there’s a greater need for reliable, secure, and high-performing hosting services. The companies profiled here, all based in Vancouver, offer a diverse spectrum of solutions that cater to this demand.

Importantly, these companies evidence the ongoing evolution of the industry, showcasing growth beyond mere web hosting, into areas like software development, marketing, cloud data services, and more. From website design to data processing, these businesses are reshaping the landscape of web hosting.

Duess Design

Specializing in web design and development, Duess Design offers a suite of services that includes the hosting of custom-designed sites. By creating visually captivating, easy-to-navigate sites, the North Vancouver-based team provides clients with competitive solutions that stand out in the crowded online landscape. Facebook | LinkedIn | @DuessWebDesign


As a top-tier platform for analytics and branded content, Pressboard helps publishers and media companies expand their content programs. Offering a unified dashboard, they serve well-known publishers like NBCUniversal, Hearst, and Bustle Media Group. The Vancouver-based startup promises to elevate native advertising, eCommerce, and social media experiences to new heights. Facebook | LinkedIn | @pressboard

Incognito Software

Incognito Software offers broadband software solutions designed for the rapid and cost-effective deployment of IP-based subscriber and commercial services. By using open standards such as DNS, DHCP, SAC, and TR-069, they empower businesses to roll out next-gen IP-based communications like VoIP, IPTV, and wireless multimedia services. LinkedIn | @incognito_sfwr

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search offers an incredibly swift and reliable service for anyone looking for available domain names. This Vancouver-based startup combines efficient algorithms and a sleek, user-friendly interface to provide an invaluable tool for anyone looking to kick-start their digital presence. Facebook | @InstantDomain

Radiant Communications

Radiant Communications provides a host of IP-based solutions including high-speed internet access, IP based payment processing gateways, and managed IP based virtual private networks. Catering primarily to the business market in Canada and the US, they have a strong customer base comprising retailers, financial services organizations, and service-oriented organizations. @radiant_comm


Focusing on innovative web hosting solutions, NetNation aligns their success with the success of their client’s websites. By offering round-the-clock customer service and a range of services, they have shown an ability to proactively meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Gossamer Threads

Having begun as a software and web development company, Gossamer Threads has widened its services to include managed hosting solutions. They create custom server architectures for each of their client’s unique needs, offering everything from dedicated physical machines to private cloud, clustered, and application-specific hosting.

ITS Consulting

Offering a broad range of tech services from website development to electronics recycling, ITS Consulting has managed service contracts designed to fit any business size. Their dedicated team of tech professionals strive to provide a comprehensive solution for their clients’ needs. Facebook | LinkedIn | @its_consult_inc


GTmetrix helps users develop efficient and well-performing websites. Using Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow to assess site performance, GTmetrix provides actionable recommendations to improve site speed and performance. Recognizing its crucial role in user retention, this Vancouver-based enterprise offers a series of insightful analytics to help users optimize their online presence. Facebook | @gtmetrix

UCW Labs Ltd.

Specializing in the research and development of embedded, wireless, big data, and web solutions, UCW Labs offers innovative services to convert ideas into market-ready products. In addition to developing products for smart homes, they offer services in the embedded, wireless, big data, and web domains. Facebook | LinkedIn | @ucwlabs

Sterling Managed Cloud

Offering IT management and consulting services, Sterling Managed Cloud is a top-notch name in its niche. This Vancouver-based company utilizes a customer-focused approach to generate sustainable growth and deliver outstanding results through their sophisticated, strategic interventions.

These Vancouver-based web hosting companies combine their unique skill sets with the latest technology to contribute to the growth and development of the web hosting industry. Their diverse range services stand as true testaments to how this industry has grown beyond its original scope, shaping the internet of tomorrow.

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