Leapdroid: Innovative Software Solutions Pioneering in Ankara’s Tech Hub

Located in the heart of Turkey, the city of Ankara is not just the nation’s capital. It is also a bustling hub for vibrant and innovative Turkish tech startups. From automotive and e-commerce, logistics, construction, to gaming, financial services, and so on, Ankara lends room for every of these industries to grow dynamically. In this explore, you’ll journey through a list of Ankara’s cream- of-the-crop software companies. The series will highlight each firm’s background, product, and goals, providing a clear insight into their operations.

Each of these companies possesses a unique approach to software and technology, offering distinct products and services. The compilation undeniably validates Ankara’s software industry as a diverse and rapidly growing sector. Despite their variances, these companies share commonalities in their dedication to innovation, comprehensive solutions, and corporate social responsibility. Read on for a detailed overview of each company, all contributing immensely to Ankara’s tech ecosystem.

The software sector in Ankara hosts several reputable companies, and in this series, we will visit Servislet, OPLOG, Bimcrone, Panteon, F-Ray Financial Technologies, Enhencer, Securify, BiSoft Information Technology Inc., ArgosAI, Cerebrum Tech, and Bilişim İnovasyon A.Ş., providing detailed background information on each.


Founded by Cevdet Ertürk, Deniz Ozcan, and Gokmen Bolayir, Servislet has revolutionized the e-commerce framework within the automotive industry. Through its SAAS platform and marketplace, Servislet serves manufacturers, service providers, and sell-off locations, digitalizing offline locations, and creating brand-specific micro-marketplaces. It operates from its headquarters in Ankara under the automotive, e-commerce, enterprise software, marketplace, and SaaS sectors. Follow Servislet on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.


Contributing heavily to the logistics and software industry, the OPLOG platform accelerates the growth of eCommerce businesses with software and robotic-powered fulfillment. It was founded by Halit Develioğlu and has so far managed to shape the logistics sector with its innovative approach, all from Ankara’s center. Keep up with OPLOG on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Bracing the construction, information technology, and project management sectors, BIMCRONE is a cloud platform that creates a project’s digital twin that makes all phases of the building lifecycle traceable. Such an innovation increases profit, efficiency, and effectiveness across the industry. Get more updates on BIMCRONE through Twitterand LinkedIn.


Panteon, helmed by Ufuk Sahin, is a software firm that focuses on creating mobile strategy games, contributing significantly to the gaming and software industry. Catch up with the latest news about Panteon on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

F-Ray Financial Technologies

F-Ray Financial Technologies offers fundamental analysis tools utilizing machine learning technologies to create meaningful analyses of complex financial market data. In addition, F-Ray serves in the area of financial services, fintech, and software. For more information, follow Twitter and LinkedIn.


For users craving ease in machine learning for business, Enhencer comes highly recommended. As an automated Machine Learning platform, Enhencer users, without the need for programming proficiencies, can analyze and make predictions. Want to learn more? Check Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Securify is a renowned artificial intelligence-based software company focusing on cybersecurity and intelligent systems. For more information about Securify, you can follow their Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.

BiSoft Information Technology Inc.

Founded in 2016, BiSoft Information Technology Inc. has emerged as Turkey’s leading international IT company, offering digital enterprise services and state-of-the-art solutions in big data engineering, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud consulting. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ArgosAI, founded by Merih Alphan Karadeniz, specializes in creating AI-based products designed to enhance both safety and efficiency. Learn more from their LinkedIn page.

Cerebrum Tech

Cerebrum Tech founded by Anıl Çekiç and R. Erdem Erkul, offers high-quality AI solutions globally. For updates, follow Cerebrum Tech on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bilişim İnovasyon A.Ş.

Bilişim İnovasyon A.Ş., established by Uğur Akkuş, specializes in mobile technology, systems integration, defense industry, and education, creating a lasting impact on various sectors. You can follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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