LeapDroid: Leading App Innovator from Rotterdam’s Tech Industry Hub

Welcome to another exciting edition of our series focusing exclusively on companies that are shaking things up in the apps and software industry. This volume is dedicated to app innovators based in the city of Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. The city is becoming a prominent hub for technological and software innovation, and the thriving app industry is one of the most significant contributors to this reputation. Let’s dive in and discover some of the companies contributing to this accelerating growth.

Each of the companies we will be discussing today has been selected due to their unique approaches, innovative solutions, and the significant impact they are having on their respective markets. These companies offer varied solutions, ranging from big data and mobile apps to social media, e-commerce, and beyond. Despite their differing sectors, all the companies share their Dutch roots and a commitment to bringing about positive change through ground-breaking technology.

Through profiling these companies, we aim to shed light on the fascinating range of app-based products and services coming out of Rotterdam. This series will provide insights into the work they do, the ideas they pioneer, and the remarkable people behind them. Now, without further ado, let’s launch into our exploration of some Rotterdam-based companies making waves in the industry.


The AMVLET GROUP is a technology powerhouse operating in Big Data, Internet, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Software. Founded by Michael H.W. Schmitz, Prof. Christopher Ledwig, and Stephan Gillmeier, Ph.D., their work focuses on making screen time more personable and reducing CO2 emissions. Learn more about their work and team on LinkedIn.


Unpluq aims to help people regain control of their screen time by combining a physical device with an app. They are aspiring to become the world’s leading digital wellbeing brand. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nocto International

Nocto International caters to the nightlife community by providing interactive party entertainment services through their mobile application. Connect with Nocto through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Buddy Payment

Buddy Payment focuses on debt prevention by helping users manage their bills effectively with their app. Discover more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


Hatsa! aims to simplify online shopping by providing a platform for online shoppers to organise and share their interests. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Dinlebi is an audio streaming service that provides subscription-based access to audiobooks and other short-form content. Find them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Relive has an app to track and share your outdoor activities. Explore their story on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Somnox is driven to helping people sleep better with robotics, software, and apps. They are active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Pepper is an app that uses innovative techniques to make their services more user-friendly. They are active on Twitter and Facebook.


MoreApp is digitalizing forms to make them more accessible and easier to use, with a focus on user friendliness. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Last, but not least, beebump is a location-based service that allows users to share their location and media clips with selected friends. Connect with them on Facebook.

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands is producing a wealth of innovation in the apps and software industry. We hope that this round-up has given you a taste of some of the impressive companies operating in the region. Until next time!

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