LeapDroid: Leading Chennai’s Web Design Industry with Innovative Software Solutions

LeapDroid: Leading Chennai’s Web Design Industry with Innovative Software Solutions

In the bustling and rapidly growing technological hub of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, a rising number of Web Design companies are entering the market and making a noteworthy impact on various industries. These companies, each with unique styles and approaches, leverage the power of intuitive design, user experience (UX), and scalability to provide exceptional digital solutions for businesses in diverse markets. We’ll delve into several outstanding companies that are making a significant impact.

Creative Web Graphic Solutions LLC

Creative Web Graphic Solutions LLC is a comprehensive website design and web development company known for providing superior user experiences. Specialized in Business to Business, Business to Consumer, and enterprise services, they offer an array of web-based services and products, appealing graphic design, and effective SEO. The team brings rich domain expertise to businesses in any industry. Stay updated with their latest works on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages and get the latest news on Twitter.


Founded by Arjun Subburaj, AppDupe is an innovative mobile and web app clone marketplace. They provide businesses the opportunity to start a service like Instagram or Snapchat in an immediate and cost-effective manner. They replicate successful business models and provide entrepreneurs with a tested and proven framework to venture into different regions or target niches. Get the latest updates from Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Aravindh Kumar, Agriya offers consulting and IT Services across diverse markets. Specializing in web application development, they assist aspiring entrepreneurs in bringing their dreams to life. Agriya’s services span across versatile web and mobile app solutions, built using the latest technology. Stay connected on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for the latest news and updates.


Founded by MERCY AMARAVATHI, KGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is a multifaceted company offering internship and software training opportunities. They specialize in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Website Hosting, Website Designing, Product Development, and Software Development. Connect with KGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and stay updated through their Twitter account.

Impiger Technologies

Impiger Technologies, founded by Ramakrishnamoorthy Venkatasubbu, is a global technology company that caters to various industries like Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Services. Having built 500+ mobile apps and 350+ web portals, they’ve assisted businesses ranging from startups to F500 companies. Impiger’s latest insights and updates are available on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Calibraint, founded by Xavier Babu, is a young team with a mission to provide affordable and scalable digital solutions that transform businesses. Calibraint specializes in blockchain, UI/UX design, mobile app development, and AI & Cognitive Computing solutions. They work towards the path of innovation that converts a righteous idea into an industry-standard product. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kreeda Games

Founded by Vinita Sidhartha, Kreeda Games is a game developer and publisher based in Mumbai, India. Kreeda specializes in designing and building multiplayer social games for smartphones and as a pioneer in this field, they’ve been backed by top venture capitalists. Follow their Facebook page for updates.

Digital SEO

Founded by Kuttralam Mukherjee and Lakshmi Priyanka, Digital SEO is an innovative digital marketing agency providing end-to-end Digital Marketing services. It serves sole proprietors, SMEs, large corporations, and e-commerce businesses with services such as web design, SEO, SMO, internet marketing, web development, content writing, and SEM. Digital SEO can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sciflare Technologies

Founded by Shiva Kumaran, Sciflare Technologies consists of a youthful team of geeks with proficiency in Mobile & Web Stack Application Development. They’ve carved a niche for themselves in creating best-in-class user experiences and user interfaces for applications, offering services to a range of industries. Stay connected on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Flippa Clone Script

Flippa Clone Script provides a solution for businesses interested in buying and selling Websites, Domain Names, and various Scripts in the style of Flippa. It’s a fantastic opportunity for organizations looking to purchase ready-made websites. Follow them on Twitter.

7 Eagles

7 Eagles, founded by Ashkar Gomez is a rapidly growing Digital Marketing company in Chennai. Specializing in content marketing, digital marketing, search engine, SEM, SEO, social media advertising, social media marketing, web design, web development – they have assisted 50+ clients across 20+ industries in just over 2 years. Follow their story on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

These companies’ commitment to quality and innovation has positioned Chennai as a central hotbed of technological advancement and web design expertise. By embracing the latest trends and driving technological development, these organizations continue to play a pivotal role in defining the future of web design industry in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and beyond.

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