Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation in Hangzhou’s Thriving Tech Scene

As the second-largest economy and the largest manufacturing and export economy in the world, China plays a significant role in the global software industry. Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, has become a hotbed of software innovation, hosting companies that range from industrial automation to fintech. In this article, we will highlight some of these companies.

One of the most important features of software companies in Hangzhou is their commitment to innovation. In an economy that is rapidly transitioning from manufacturing-led growth to innovation-led growth, these companies are pioneers. Another characteristic that these companies share is their global outlook, with many having operations and partnerships worldwide.

The companies covered in this article represent a cross-section of industries, including industrial engineering, information technology, healthcare, and fintech. While each company has its unique approach and focus, all are contributing to the vibrant and innovative software scene in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Dragonfly Automation Software

Dragonfly Automation Software is at the forefront of industrial, industrial engineering, industrial manufacturing, and software. The company prides itself on providing management and control system product solutions for clients in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, factory automation, and high-precision instruments.

Jiangsu Mingyue Software Technology

Jiangsu Mingyue Software Technology is a high-tech company that provides IT technology services and digital solutions globally. With a focus on software technology, it uses cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive solutions for customers in industries such as financial services, communication services, and high-tech services.


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Jiangsu Sesan

Jiangsu Sesan is a software integration company that develops medical software and system applications. They supply software products, system integration, and operation services for digital hospitals, regional medical information, and personal health management.


Founded in 2017, ECARX is a global mobility tech company that develops automotive computing platforms. Its products include infotainment head units (IHU), digital cockpits, vehicle chip-set solutions, a core operating system, and integrated software stack.


DXY is an online healthcare community for doctors, consumers, and healthcare organizations. It offers public health services online based on existing medical resources, as well as precision digital marketing.

Tongdun Technology

Founded in 2013, Tongdun Technology is a Chinese fintech start-up specializing in risk control services.


B-Soft provides information technology solutions and services for the healthcare industry in China. They offer a variety of products, including venture hospital information platform products, entrepreneurship medical management information systems, and many others.


ShadowBot develops a software robot that performs repetitive online tasks. By simulating various human operations, ShadowBot’s technology enables enterprises to improve efficiency and productivity.

51 Credit Card Manager

51 Credit Card Manager is a financial technology company, that develops a credit card management application. The app offers users the ability to effectively and efficiently manage their credit card bills.


Clounix, a software startup, is focused on developing high-performance network chips and solutions. They assist super-internet companies, medium, and large businesses, and operators in the development of next-generation networks and data centers.

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