Leapdroid: Leading Database Enterprise in the Chicago Tech Industry

Chicago, fondly referred to as “The Windy City”, is known for its vibrant arts scene, diverse culture, famous deep-dish pizzas, and iconic skyline. But along with these familiar characteristics, Chicago has also become home to a rising number of tech startups, particularly in the database industry. This article aims to highlight some of the significant players in this industry, all headquartered within the city.

These pioneering companies operate across various sectors such as analytics, healthcare, recruitment, foodservice, and software, among others. They have evolved to leverage big data technologies in their operations and service provision, granting them strategic advantages in today’s increasingly data-driven economy. The headquarters of these companies in Chicago also reflects the city’s conducive business environment for technological advancement.

So let’s delve a bit deeper and look at some of the major companies in the database industry calling Chicago home. From companies offering large scale data analytics to those providing cloud data solutions, they are playing a key role in defining the future direction of the field.


Founded by Chris Gladwin, George Kondiles, and Joe Jablonski, Ocient is a startup creating a near-real-time database and data analytics platform for handling petabyte to exabyte-scale data sets. The well-funded company boasts an engineering team composed of brilliant computer scientists from the world’s top universities and organizations.


RiseKit is a software startup that strives to provide job seekers access to career paths, regardless of their zip code. The company, founded by Dario Medina, Dominique Wilson, and Matt Strauss, leverages big data, predictive analytics, and social impact to connect job seekers with opportunities and support services.

Food Genius

Co-founders Benjamin Stanley, Eli Rosenburg, Eric Cooper, and Justin Massa created Food Genius as a leading data provider for the foodservice industry, offering data analytics and reporting for foodservice manufacturers, operators, and distributors.

Focusing on analytics and procurement,, founded by Neeraj Shah, provides innovative solutions for the supply chain management industry.

Blue Health Intelligence(BHI)

As an entity committed to high-quality healthcare coverage in America, Blue Health Intelligence(BHI) leverages the industry’s largest, most comprehensive database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims.


Under the leadership of Aaron Oberman, Omeda provides full-scale integrated database marketing services, combining multiple data streams into one cohesive, interactive database.

Data Everywhere

Data Everywhere, founded by Dan McGee and Dave Bortz, offers business users the ability to share, control, and search their data in spreadsheets, websites, databases, and mobile devices.


Megan Murday spearheads Metric, a company operating in the analytics and database industry.


Founded by Levon Gasparian, InfoTracer has developed a system that compiles billions of records into digital profiles, providing an array of information on any person.

Autoagent Data Solutions

Created by Niko Spyridonos and Sadiq Samani, Autoagent Data Solutions offers a system that helps tax collectors simplify real estate tax processing.

Grandview Analytics

Providing consulting and data analytics services, Grandview Analytics is playing a notable role in the tech industry in Chicago.

As we move forward into a future increasingly defined by big data, these companies will be at the forefront, pioneering technologies and services that not only meet the data needs of today, but also shape the strategies and tools of tomorrow.

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