Leapdroid Masters Gamification: Transforming Gaming Experience in San Francisco

The gaming industry is a booming sector that has caught the attention of both young and old. Gamification, an innovative technology that marries gaming and real-world applications, has completely transformed the landscape, and its effects can be seen everywhere – from marketing to education, analytics to mobile apps and more. San Francisco, known as the tech hub of the world, is home to several companies operating in the gamification industry. This article will delve into the achievements and contributions of these noteworthy companies.

The headquarters of these companies are spread across the city, a testament to San Francisco’s flourishing tech cluster. From established institutions to burgeoning startups, these companies play an instrumental role in shaping the gaming landscape in the United States and beyond. They are engines of creativity, innovation and technological advancements that have global impacts.

As we explore the gamification industry rooted in the heart of San Francisco, it is but fair to appreciate each company for its unique innovations and the distinctive characteristics that set it apart. So, without further ado, let’s dive into a virtual tour of some of the finest gaming companies the city has to offer.


N3TWORK prides itself in creating, publishing and scaling the best in mobile games. The company offers game developers reliable solutions fortified by a database of mobile gaming experts. They were founded in 2013 by a team of four vibrant individuals – Alan Yu, Bob Stevenson, Erik Lammerding, and Neil Young. Besides gaming, N3TWORK has stretched its expertise across other fields like analytics, Blockchain, casual games, developer platform, mobile apps, publishing, software and video games. Their zeal for innovation and expertise has led them to venture into Game development, Games publishing; among other services. Facebook, Linkedin.

Revolving Games

Revolving Games is a mobile game studio that delivers next-generation gaming experiences with their cutting-edge technology. They specialize in developing scalable MMOs and deep strategy games. Founded in 2019, their team consists of veterans who have worked on revenue-generating games and are currently based in San Francisco, California. Their founders, Ammar Zaeem, Saad Zaeem, and Shayan Zaeem have a rich history in the gaming industry. Facebook, Linkedin.


SparkPlug stands out in solving influence issues at the point of sales by incentivizing influential retail salespeople with gamified commissions, contests, and goals. The company was founded by Andrew Duffy and Jacob Sky Levin, who came together to add value to the retail technology, brand marketing, and SaaS landscape, creating new opportunities through their platform. Linkedin.


Improving daily performance through the understanding of personality and mood is the major focus of TidePool. Through innovative use of games and patented technology, TidePool allows users to uncover their unique personality aspects. Founded by Howard Look and Vamsee Nalamothu, TidePool has been pioneering the use of personality and mood tracking technology in the gaming industry. Facebook, Linkedin.

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