Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovator Enhancing Mobile Emulation from Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas houses some of the most innovative companies in the Information Technology industry. From automating business processes to providing intelligent software solutions, these companies drive modern industry practices and set trends. This article provides insight into some of Irving’s elite IT companies, their founders, what they do, and how they contribute to the global IT industry.

The headquarters of these companies are not just geographically proximate, but they also share a commitment to innovation in the IT industry. Leveraging technology to solve complex problems, these companies continue to redefine standards in their fields. Whether it’s asset management, legal tech or cybersecurity, Irving-based IT companies lead the pack.

So let’s explore these companies, delve into their stories, and understand what makes them tick!

Exela Technologies

Founded by Martin P. Akins, Exela Technologies is a global leader in business process automation (BPA). They use their experience to offer enterprise software and solutions across many industries, including banking, healthcare, insurance, and others that support mission-critical environments. Keep up with Exela Technologies on their social media channels: Facebook,
Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Service Fusion

Service Fusion, founded by Max Paltsev, provides an effective cloud-based field service management software. Their clients span various industries, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and IT services. Connect with Service Fusion on their social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Justin Foster and Partha Panda, Cysiv is a company that provides advanced, proactive threat hunting solutions. They deliver these services as a 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service. Follow Cysiv on LinkedIn.


Quisitive, founded by Mike Reinhart, is a full-service digital technology consulting firm. Providing solutions that empower organizations to digitally transform their businesses. Catch up with Quisitive on their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Timothy D. Garcia, Apptricity is a global leader delivering real-time Cloud solutions for Enterprise asset, inventory, field services and spend management. Stay updated with Apptricity on their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Gas It Up

Gas It Up, founded by Victor Rodriguez, is a leading mobile fueling company. They provide fuel delivery services using the latest proprietary technologies. Follow their social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

File & ServeXpress Holdings

Founded by Tammy Carter, File & ServeXpress Holdings provides e-Filing and e-Service solutions. They offer online file and serve civil documents. Connect with File & ServeXpress on their social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

IMCS Group

iMCS Group is an IT Consulting Company focused on optimizing the business value of IT investments. Follow iMCS Group on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Gregory Jacobson and Matt Paliulis, KaiNexus is a tech and services company that provides a platform for improvement opportunities. Follow KaiNexus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Agency MVP

Founded by Todd McLain, Agency MVP is a smart sales and lead management system. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Salon Suite Solutions

Founded by Erik P. Hanson, Salon Suite Solutions is a software company operating in the beauty industry. Follow Salon Suite Solutions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay connected.

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