Leapdroid: Pioneers in Mobile Gaming Development from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

In today’s fast-paced digital era, software development companies are sprouting from all corners of the globe. Brazil, classified as a developing market, has demonstrated exponential industrial growth, and understandably, the software development sector has mirrored this trend. This is especially evident in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil, which has turned into a significant hub for notable software providers from varied sectors including human resources, video streaming, healthcare, and more. We have scoured the software industry landscape in this bustling Brazilian city and compiled a list of promising companies doing amazing things in their respective spaces. Let’s dive in!



Co-founded by Alessandro Garcia Vieira and Monica Hauck, Solides specializes in HR behavioral management software to enhance employee productivity and minimize turnover costs. Many HR professionals, coach, and educators leverage their software to recognize the behavioral profile used in recruiting, management, and growth of people. Their social media accounts can be found at Twitter @Solides, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


Samba Tech

Samba Tech, founded by Gustavo Caetano and Rodrigo Paolucci, is an online video platform focused on helping businesses communicate better with their audience. They offer Samba Videos, a customizable business intelligence platform that feeds users critical analytics on their target audience. You can find them on Twitter @sambatech, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


CM Tecnologia

Founded by Fernando Soares, CM Tecnologia seeks to reform the way healthcare providers connect and interface with patients by building an innovative integration platform for the healthcare ecosystem, already connecting over 2,000 providers and generating over 50 million transactions per year. Their social media accounts can be found on Twitter @cmtecnologiabr, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


Stoque Soluções Tecnológicas

Under the leadership of Murilo Taranto, Stoque Soluções Tecnológicas specializes in providing unique IT solutions. Check out their Linkedin account here.



Meep, founded by Vinicius Marra, develops service and payment solutions designed to streamline the consumer experience in bars, restaurants, events, and more by presenting a commercial aid that prevents payment lines and account mistakes. Engage with them on Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


Parnity Inc.

Established by Arthur Luiz, Guilherme Luz, Marina Felicio, and Thais Faria, Parnity Inc. is a software platform connecting freight forwarding companies worldwide. Connect with them on Facebook here, and Linkedin here.



Founded by Marcello Ladeira, Siteware offers management solutions aimed at increasing engagement and company integration. You can find them on Twitter @siteware, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.



EverWrite, co-founded by Diego Gomes, and Edmar Ferreira, provides tools to enhance online content findability and ROI. Follow their social feeds on Twitter @everwrite, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.



Fellipe Couto, Henrique Esteves, and Thiago Dantas established Vulpi to make people’s jobs happier and hire the best developers for companies. They are available on Twitter @GoVulpi, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


Escola em Movimento

Founded by Guilherme Rocha Ribeiro, Escola em Movimento provides schools with an online system to communicate with parents, students, and employees. Find them on Twitter @escolaemmov, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.



Co-created by Drew Beaurline and Patrick Albert, Construct develops a field communication platform for construction projects. You can follow them on Twitter @constructapp, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

With their unique offerings and innovative solutions, these Belo Horizonte based companies are testament to the thriving software industry in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Each providing a positive contribution to their respective fields, stretching the boundaries of technological possibilities while uplifting their regional economy.

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