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In the bustling city of White Plains, New York, the Information Technology industry thrives as home to several innovative tech companies. Ranging from sectors such as cloud computing to manufacturing, cyber security to software design, these businesses are shaping the future of technology. This article sheds light on some of these companies having a profound impact on their respective sectors. Whether they’re providing state-of-the-art IT services, pioneering new manufacturing techniques, or offering ground-breaking software solutions, these companies are worth keeping an eye on.

White Plains boasts a vibrant tech community, with companies spanning a variety of industries basing their headquarters there. These companies leverage cutting-edge technologies, deep industry knowledge, and experienced teams to provide solutions to their clients and customers worldwide. Let us delve into some exceptional IT corporations operating out of White Plains, New York.

From large multi-market corporations to emerging startups, each company brings a unique flavor to the municipality’s tech landscape. What these companies have in common is their dedication to innovation and progress in the realm of technology. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these IT industry leaders.

ITT Corporation

Founded by Hernan Behn and Sosthenes Behn, ITT Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing powerhouse. They deal with water and fluids management, global defense and security, and motion and flow control on a global scale. With its commitment to innovation, ITT Corporation has been able to provide solutions that enhance living environments, provide safety, and facilitate global connectivity. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ANATOMY_IT provides vital managed IT services, specializing in supporting, securing, and transforming healthcare businesses. Their expertise ranges from cloud computing to cyber-security, HIPAA compliance, and IT consulting. You may connect with them via their LinkedIn page.

Eden Technologies

A brainchild of Andrew Sweeney, Eden Technologies operates in the Information Technology sector. Learn more about them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of Jacob Aruldhas, ECS Fin stands as an engineering enterprise with a keen focus on process optimization. They design software solutions with a systems approach to transaction processing. Discover insights into their journey by visiting their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

TechTriad Team

TechTriad Team is a name to reckon within the Consulting, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Project Management, and Software sectors. Engage with them on their website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Gryphon Strategies

Brainchild of Tom Willingham, Gryphon Strategies operates in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Security sectors. Learn more about them through their website.

ThorTech Solutions

Founded by Eric Thorsen, ThorTech Solutions excels in the Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industries. Discover insights into their journey by visiting their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Shaula Alexander Yemini and Yechiam Yemini, SMARTS is a vital solution for IT teams to manage data and services. Follow them on Twitter.


Shawn Bay’s brainchild, eScholar is an education and IT company geared towards personalizing education and engagement by harnessing data. Follow their progress on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Compufit operates at the intersection of Cloud Computing, Information Services, and Information Technology. To know more about them, visit their website.

Neuro Alert

Neuro Alert, founded by Karthik Seshan, is a leading provider of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) enhancing safety and patient outcomes during surgical procedures. Engage deeper with them on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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