Wilmington’s Leapdroid Leads Innovation in Delaware Web Design Industry

Wilmington’s Leapdroid Leads Innovation in Delaware Web Design Industry

Welcome to another addition to our series of articles highlighting topnotch companies in Web Design, located in the ever-thriving tech hub of Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Located in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., Wilmington is quickly becoming a haven for web design companies, offering an array of specialized services in the industry. From graphic design to mobile app development, these firms are driving innovation and continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity.

In today’s digital age, web design has proved itself to be a cornerstone of any company’s online presence. A well-designed website promotes customer engagement and enhances the user experience, fostering a positive image and increased brand loyalty. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at some of Wilmington’s leading web design companies, shedding light on their history, services, and contributions to the field.

Now, without further ado, let us delve into the vibrant world of web design and introduce you to some of the star players in Wilmington.


Founded by Ivan Braun and specializing in Desktop Apps, Graphic Design, Product Design, Software, UX Design, and Web Design, Icons8 creates versatile icons and icon software. Boasting an impressive client list, including the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Uber, you may be using websites and apps with their icons on a daily basis without realizing it.

Connect with Icons8 on social media: @icons_8 | Facebook | LinkedIn


DigiTrends, a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2010 by Ali Zeeshan Khan and Samad Saleem offers creative digital solutions for startups, healthcare, the real estate sector, and other industries. They specialize in application, website, and game design, as well as e-commerce platform development. Most of their clients have been some big players in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, Canada, Europe, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

Connect with DigiTrends on LinkedIn here: DigiTrends LinkedIn


7BE, founded by Aleksandr Gorlenko and Zinur Dosov, is a full-service marketplace for IT agencies, development, technical and customer support, design, and marketing. They offer their excellent support for company’s most important projects while establishing reliable worldwide connections.

Connect with 7BE on social media: @7be_inc | Facebook | LinkedIn

O0 Design

O0 Design, founded by Alex Neskin, Andrey Klen, Illya Krupenikov, and Yaroslav Azhnyuk, is a design lab specializing in full-cycle product, brand, and visual design projects for tech & lifestyle startups.

Connect with O0 Design on social media: @O0ozeroO0 | Facebook | LinkedIn

Lotus Studio

Lotus Studio offers Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development services. More information about Lotus Studio can be found on their LinkedIn profile here: Lotus Studio LinkedIn


Adravity is an IT company in the USA, offering professional digital marketing and development services. They specialize in designing creative logos and responsive websites, and have taken an initiative to help people establish successful online businesses.

Connect with Adravity on social media: Facebook | LinkedIn

Cogzidel Technologies

Established by Anand Nataraj, Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited is a technology company providing web development, web designing, project consulting, and social media consulting services. Over the years, they have executed notable projects in CRM, CMS, eCommerce, and custom website development.

Connect with Cogzidel on social media: @cogzideltech | Facebook | LinkedIn

Font Squirrel

Boasting a specialized service line in graphic design, Font Squirrel offers web design services and different fonts for their clients. Connect with Font Squirrel on social media: @fontsquirrel | Facebook | LinkedIn

Web N App

Web N App offers services in advertising, Internet marketing, mobile app development, software development, web design, web development. You can follow them on Twitter here: @mywebnapp

Aloxy Software

Aloxy Software offers digital marketing solutions, predictive modeling, optimization, campaign management, database management, and marketing consultancy services.

Connect with Aloxy Software on social media: Facebook | LinkedIn

Lotus Themes

Lotus Themes specializes in creating beautiful, on-brand Zendesk help centers that facilitate customer self-service. Renowned for their quick delivery and quality implementation, they are even hired by Zendesk for help center customization.

Connect with Lotus Themes on social media: @lotusthemes | Facebook | LinkedIn

Each of these companies have individually contributed to the dynamic tech landscape of Wilmington, Delaware. The quality and the sheer breadth of their collective work emphasize the rapid growth of web design industry and the city’s burgeoning status as a tech hub. Stay tuned to our series for more insights into Wilmington’s vibrant tech scene.

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