Leapdroid: Leading Software Innovation from Verona’s Tech-based Community

As one of Italy’s most beautiful and historic cities, Verona may be best known for its world-class opera, extraordinary gastronomy, and as the setting of Shakespeare’s most famous play, “Romeo and Juliet”. But in recent years, Verona has attained a new kind of contemporary acclaim: a growing reputation as a hotspot for innovative software companies. Herein, we spotlight some of the groundbreaking software and apps companies that call Verona home, from start-ups redefining the last-mile delivery industry to firms revolutionizing data management. Whether they’re delivering sushi or optimizing procurement, these Verona-based enterprises are making waves around the world.

Milkman Technologies

Founded by Antonio Perini and Tommaso Baù, Milkman Technologies disrupts the last-mile delivery landscape with a platform empowering logistics teams to design optimal delivery experiences. Its innovative services have been recognised with the prestigious Netcomm E-commerce Award. The company now boasts €35 million in funding and a growing staff of over 70 professionals, with offices in Italy and the USA. Its impressive client list includes giants like Amazon, Zara, and Nespresso. Connect with Milkman Technologies on LinkedIn.


Heading up Verona’s food tech scene is SushiJet, a speedy sushi delivery service provider founded by Claudio Perlini. You can keep up with the latest from SushiJet through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Verona-based Creactives is a leader in innovative semantic applications to manage purchasing and spending processes through analysis of unstructured data. Founded in 2000 by Adriano Garibotto and Paolo Gamberoni, Creactives boasts an impressive list of clients including Fiat, Enel, and Pirelli. Stay connected with Creactives on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Sipro is a specialist in industrial automation software and hardware. Follow Sipro via their LinkedIn page.


Arithmos is at the forefront of developing advanced technologies in the areas of information technology, robotics, software, and virtual reality. Stay up to date on the company’s developments via their LinkedIn page.


EGON, a leader in providing international data quality solutions. Known for their data quality, geocoding, and international data management capabilities, stay tuned to the company’s developments on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Solid World

This software company has a strong presence in the world of technology with Solid World, You can stay in constant contact with Solid World through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Famous for its product 3DF Zephyr which allows 3D modeling from reality using photography, 3Dflow is pioneering technology in 3D technology engineering. Founded by Andrea Fusiello, Roberto Toldo and Simone Fantoni. Connect with the latest 3Dflow news on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Highlighting the diverse range of Verona’s software scene, CAD IT SpA specialises in software for finance and banking firms. Stay connected through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Progetto Studio

Operating in the fields of technology, hardware and information technology is Progetto Studio. Follow their work via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Kiratech, a tech firm known for its work in software and information technology. Stay up to speed with Kiratech’s developments through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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