Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovations from Centurion, South Africa

The pulse and vibrancy of the Software industry in Centurion, NA - South Africa, South Africa are hard to miss. This city is home to a plethora of businesses operating at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. From AI and Machine Learning to Asset Management and Payments, Centurion showcases a broad spectrum of industries. This thriving tech scene is full of inspiring stories waiting to be shared. Let's take you on a digital journey to meet some of the companies that are shaping the software industry here in Centurion.

Focusing primarily on Information Services, Information Technology, the Internet of Things and Software development, IoT.nxt was founded by Bertus Jacobs, Nico Steyn and Terje Moen. This innovative company designs cutting-edge software and hardware solutions that cater to the Internet of Things (IoT). Connect with them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

Founded by Obedience Kuguyo, Dark Pools is a company that delves into the depths of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They develop applications used in applied research, infrastructure and financial management. The company also has their profile available on Linkedin.

As a player in the Payments and Software industry, Celbux has rightfully earned its place on our Centurion list. You can stalk them on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

In the fields of Asset Management, Software and Supply Chain Management, TrenStar is a significant player providing asset tracking and management solutions. Check their Linkedin for more details.

MineRP is making strides in the Big Data, Consulting, Mining, and Software industries. They offer an independent platform for improving productivity in planning and operations. To know more, you can follow them on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.


Providing services to a wide range of sectors including banking, financial services, insurance, etc., NGA stands tall in the fields of Information Technology, Risk Management, and Software. Their Linkedin page provides more details.

AE Software Solutions offers professional computing, networking, cloud solutions, IoT, and cyber services. Connect with them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

With expertise in information technology and cyber security, Carrera inhibits a significant position in their industry domains. Check their Linkedin profile to know more.

RIB CCS is another big name offering services in Consulting, ERP, Software, and Training industries. They are socially active on sites like Linkedin and Facebook.

Amoeba TSC is a technology company that offers products and services in areas of Fibre Solutions, IOT, OTT, and SaaS. Details about their operations can be found on their Linkedin page.

FINWorks shapes the software industry in the field of Finance, Financial Services, Information Technology and provides online solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. To delve into more informative layers about them, visit their Linkedin page.

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