Leapdroid: Leading Tel Aviv’s Software Revolution in Cutting-Edge Applications

Tel Aviv, often dubbed the ‘Silicon Wadi,’ is regarded as a hot-spot for technological innovation. The city boasts an impressive array of companies specializing in various aspects of information technology, pushing the boundaries in their respective sectors. This series highlights some of the most innovative and unique companies making their mark on the IT industry while operating from the heart of Israel’s tech capital.

From advertising technology to cybersecurity and cloud computing, the range of expertise in these Tel Aviv-based companies reflects the impressive diversity of Israel’s tech sector. Although diverse, these companies all share a common dedication to innovation, creativity, and technological advancement. Through cutting-edge services and solutions, they’re dynamically shaping the future of technology and propelling the country to the forefront of the global tech scene.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, gleaning unique insights into their industry, bio, and the resources they offer to their global clientele. Here’s highlighting the companies taking the tech world by storm from the heart of Tel Aviv.


Founded by Daniel Sagis, Revizer has emerged as a notable player in the field of advertising, information technology, web apps, and iOS. Leveraging advanced ad technologies, Revizer has provided a wealth of monetization opportunities for software developers and increased revenue at record speeds for numerous web applications.

Cato Networks

Cato Networks, started by Gur Shatz and Shlomo Kramer, offers a cloud-based, secure global SD-WAN for organizations. Designed with a networking and security platform that seamlessly connects all enterprise locations, people, and data, Cato Networks operates with a clear aim to cut MPLS costs, eliminate branch appliances, and improve performance between global locations and cloud applications.


Trusted by more than 10,000 customers, CHEQ, founded by Asaf Botovsky and Ehud Levy, is a go-to cybersecurity technology for many. It secures businesses from bots and fake users, offering a portfolio of solutions that protect everything from paid marketing to on-site conversion and data analytics.


The founders of HiBob, Andy Bellass, Israel David, and Ronni Zehavi, envisioned a modern HR tech that transformed the way people work—a platform that was intuitive, data-driven, and built for collaboration. Fast-growing multinational and midsize companies looking for agile HR tech tools have found HiBob’s product invaluable.


Gil Pekelman and Oshri Moyal established Atera to simplify IT management. As developers of an IT automation platform that combines RMM, PSA, and remote access into one solution, Atera presents a powerful tool for MSPs aiming to improve operational efficiency and realize disruptive pricing.


Dotan Bar Noy, Gal Diskin, and Ron Liberman, the founders of Authomize, understood the increasing need for advanced security solutions. Authomize uses its identity-first security platform to enable organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to identity and access threats, thereby preventing account takeovers and privilege escalations.


Established by Avihai Ben-Yossef, Eyal Gruner, and Eyal Wachsman, Cymulate has developed a platform that enables companies to assess their preparedness to handle cybersecurity threats by using breach and attack simulation technologies. This AI-driven solution finds vulnerable areas within a company’s cyber defenses, making it an essential tool in the modern cybersecurity landscape.

Talon Cyber Security

The founders of Talon Cyber Security, Ofer Ben Noon and Ohad Bobrov, recognize the unique set of threats posed by distributed work. Talon’s secure browser alleviates these concerns by offering enterprise-grade security for managed and unmanaged devices alike, regardless of their location, type, or operating system.

HUB Security

Alon Cohen, Andrey Iaremenko, and Eyal Moshe, the founders of HUB Security, designed solutions to protect sensitive commercial and government information through advanced encrypted computing technologies. The company provides an array of industry-specific cybersecurity computing appliances and professional services around the world.


Founded by veterans Rami Tamir, Benny Schnaider, and Gil Hoffer, Salto adapts and applies software development concepts and practices to business operations. Salto’s solution simplifies multi-application configuration through a new declarative representation, enabling companies to track, test, and even rollback configuration changes to their business applications with ease.


Started by Dudu Jansenson and Nadav Arbel, CYREBRO offers a security operations center infrastructure that’s cloud-based. It uses proprietary detection algorithms to monitor, analyze, and interpret security threats across all solutions and business environments, making it an essential tool for enterprises to ensure data security and integrity.

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