Leapdroid: Zurich’s Innovative Powerhouse in Android Emulation Technology

Leapdroid: Zurich’s Innovative Powerhouse in Android Emulation Technology

As we continue to delve into the world of Information Technology and its expanding impact on diverse industries, a number of dynamic companies based in Zürich, Switzerland stand out for their innovation and influence. These companies are revolutionizing industries such as Finance, Real Estate, and Transportation among others. From utilizing Blockchain and AI technologies to developing platforms for efficient transactions, these companies are leading the tech industry with impressive strides in their respective sectors.

For instance, Zurich is home to Obligate, a fintech company that leverages blockchain technology to transform the bond issuance process. Also based in Zurich is Properti, a PropTech startup focused on combining technology with real estate services to create a transparent and efficient housing ecosystem. Then we have enterprises like Imburse, offering a versatile cloud-based payments integration platform, and Nexxiot, a pioneer of TradeTech aiming to improve global supply chains with IoT solutions. This article explores these exciting companies and what sets them apart.

Each one of these companies is contributing to the digital transformation at the heart of their respective industries, leveraging the power of technology to unleash new opportunities and deliver increased value to their customers. Whether it’s revolutionizing how businesses issue bonds, managing the complexity of payments, enhancing supply chain management, or bringing innovation to property management and beyond, these companies are at the forefront of the industry. Let’s delve deeper into what makes each of these companies stand out in their field.


Founded by Benedikt Schuppli, Frank Wendt, Philipp von Randow, and Stephan D. Meyer, Obligate operates at the intersection of Blockchain, Finance, Fintech, and Information Technology. The company allows businesses to issue on-chain bonds and commercial paper to secure funding from investors in a controlled DeFi environment. By utilizing smart contracts and tokenization, Obligate replaces intermediaries with cost-effective and efficient substitutes, reducing the bond issuance procedure’s costs by up to 80% and time from weeks to just hours.


Co-founded by Bruno Soares, Carl Strempel, David Scott Turner, and Mark Jerome, Imburse enables enterprises to connect any system to any payments railway, provider, technology, or market. It seamlessly connects any core, CRM, and ERP system for initiating payments and consolidating reporting, enabling businesses to maximize customer engagement, drive efficiency, and insulate operations from the complexities of the payments world.


Founded by Christoph Wartmann and Daniel MacGregor, Nexxiot uses IoT hardware, software, and analytics to create transparency and improve efficiency in supply chains. The company’s technology mitigates risks to people, infrastructure, and cargo, reduces emissions and waste, and provides real-time location and status updates of assets and cargo.


Properti, founded by Adrian and Levent Künzi, combines technology and real estate expertise to revolutionize the real estate industry. Its unique Properti System provides an exclusive service aiming to build trustworthiness and transparency in the housing ecosystem.


Kevin Sartori and Lorenz Meier co-founded Auterion, providing an ecosystem of software-defined drones and apps in a simple, easy-to-use platform built on open-source standards. They offer solutions for enterprises, government agencies, and drone manufacturers, focusing on openness, partnership, and empowering the drone industry.


Founded by Michael Berthold, KNIME provides open-source enterprise solutions and services. They offer an open-source platform for intuitive, integrative data science and a separate server for enterprise functionality that productionizes data science through collaboration, automation, deployment, and management.


Numbrs, founded by Boris Manhart, Johannes Huebner, and Martin Saidler, is a customer-centric financial services company that enables customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances. Numbrs enables users to buy any financial product from any provider at the best possible price.


Nezasa, founded by Andreas Fürer, Manuel Hilty, and Patrick Hammer, offers a travel booking solution that combines all planning and booking processes into one seamless end-to-end experience. Their tools enable real-time planning and booking of personalized itineraries.


Co-founded by Benedikt Köppel and Thomas Kessler, Locatee is a workplace analytics solution that turns complex data into useful space utilization insights. By leveraging office occupancy data from multiple sources, the tool beautifully visualizes data to help leaders make decisions about their business spaces.


Tresorit, co-founded by Gyorgy Szilagyi, ISTVAN LAM, Levente Buttyan, and Szilveszter Szebeni, is a secure, cloud-based file synchronizing software designed to share confidential data. The software encrypts files being uploaded and allows decryption only with the owner’s permission.


Futurae, co-founded by Claudio Marforio, Nikos Karapanos, and Sandra Tobler, seeks to simplify and secure the authentication process. Futurae offers companies an AI-based Authentication Platform that enhances user experience while reducing costs for businesses.

These innovative enterprises are leading the pack in their respective niches, bringing a wave of technological disruption to the Swiss IT industry. With their novel applications of tech, they are set to shape the future of their respective industries, contributing to technological modernization and progress, right here in Zürich, Switzerland.

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