Leapdroid: Pioneering App Development Innovations from Jaipur’s IT Hub

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in India, has become a burgeoning technology hub in the recent years. Home to numerous tech companies, it serves as the nerve center of IT activities in Rajasthan. The article puts a spotlight on some of the companies flourishing in this exquisite city known traditionally for its rich culture and history. The highlighted organizations are making inroads in areas such as Software Development, Consulting, Business Information Systems, Automotive Technology, Content Creation, and much more. Let’s delve into the details of each organization and the unique contributions they make to the IT industry.

Celebal Technologies

Founded by Anirudh Kala and Anupam Gupta, Celebal Technologies is a premier company driving change through intelligent data solutions. They specialize in Data Science, Big Data, and Enterprise Cloud. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they help organizations gain a competitive edge. Along with Data Science, their solutions also encompass Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Their clientele includes Product ISVs and delivery organizations from across the globe. Stay connected on Facebook, LinkedIn and @celebaltech.

Hal Clyde Denison Limited (HCDL)

HCDL, founded by Aayushi Kajla and Parikshit Singh, stands at the intersection of technology and investment consultancy. They utilize big data and artificial intelligence to bolster their research and modelling capabilities. Through their consulting division, they offer strategy, design, delivery, and optimization of business experiences. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Garaaz operates in the automotive market space and offers a unique application for all spare parts requirements and business analysis. The tool manages orders, backorders, payment tracking, and credit management. Follow them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Ultrabot Innovations

Founded by Naveen Meena, Ultrabot Innovations is an IT services company specializing in Software Development, Consulting & Staffing. They focus on creating a seamless and efficient recruitment process. They can be followed on LinkedIn.

Initiated by Ramesh Choudhary, is a prominent provider of AI Unified Communication Platform in India. They offer cloud telephony, smart IVR, toll-free number, missed call alert service, and voice broadcasting. Follow them on Facebook, @sarvofficial and LinkedIn.


Culenz offers virtual reality solutions, providing detailed and interactive demonstrations of product lines. Stay connected on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Cyntexa Labs

Founded by Shrey Sharma and Vishwajeet Srivastava, Cyntexa Labs is a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner and ISV Partner. They have assisted numerous customers in implementing Salesforce successfully. Follow them on Facebook, @cyntexa and LinkedIn.

Metacube Software

Metacube Software, founded by Keshav Sharma and Parijat Agarwal, is a leading player in software product development. They partner with startups and established players in their innovation journey. Stay connected on their Facebook, @metacube_jaipur and LinkedIn pages.


YCSPL offers IT solutions specifically in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. Founded by Chandra Mani Gupta, Manoj Kumar Kansal, and Sanjay Gupta, you can follow them on Facebook, @ycspl_in and LinkedIn.


GetePay develops digital apps and online platforms to assist with merchant customer management. Stay connected on their LinkedIn page.

Truworth Health Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Founded by Rajesh and Rohit Mundra, Truworth is a progressive company in the healthcare industry leveraging IT solutions. Get connected with them on Facebook, @TruWellness123 and LinkedIn.

The IT companies of Jaipur are illustrating the reinvention of the traditional city into a modern IT hub. These companies, with their innovative services and products, are illustrating how technology can be used to streamline processes, augment growth, and augment profitability.

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