Leapdroid: Pioneering Database Innovations from San Diego’s Tech Industry

Welcome to another feature in our continuing series where we spotlight the exciting and innovating companies in the database industry right here in sunny San Diego, California. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: San Diego is truly an incubator of tech innovation, with new and novel ideas constantly being developed in the fields of databases and data management. Here, we will be presenting an in-depth look at some of the companies that have caught our eye recently in San Diego. Our list includes companies that have been making waves in fields as diverse as advertising and health tech to those bringing improvements in existing technologies or completely new and innovative solutions to market. Let’s dive in!


Founded by Kravtsov Daniil, Improvado is making its mark in the fields of Advertising, Data Integration, Database, Marketing, Predictive Analytics, and Software industry. It is an advanced marketing data aggregation company that has developed technology to help businesses reduce the timespan to useful insights for their revenue teams. By aggregating, cleaning, and normalizing raw marketing data into easy-to-read metrics, Improvado plays a critical role in helping run businesses more effectively. Connect with Improvado on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SqlDBM provides an intuitive and sophisticated data modeling interface, designed to negate the need for expensive commercial tools. The service understands and incorporates all of your database rules and constraints within the modeling process, saving businesses time and effort. You can read more about SqlDBM and its revolutionary technology on their website, or reach out to them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Created by the co-founders of the globally acclaimed DNA sequencing leader Illumina, LunaDNA works in the intersection of Big Data, Biotechnology, Database, and Genetics industries. LunaDNA incentivizes the sharing of health and DNA data for research. It provides a medium where people get rewarded for sharing the data they already own, contributing to medical research and saving lives. LunaDNA is a community-owned database that rewards individuals with shares and rewards for contributing health and DNA data. Keep updated with LunaDNA on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Datasparc, a company founded by Manish Shah, offers data security, database management, data governance, and data analytics all in one package. It’s ideal for businesses seeking to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Stay connected with Datasparc on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Specializing in the areas of Database, Information Technology, Open Source, and Software, is significantly improving PostgreSQL performance and scalability. The Database Lab Engine which the company developed offers instant, full-sized clones of production databases to streamline testing and development. Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.


VetsEZ operates in the database, information services, information technology, and software industry. Additional information and updates can be obtained on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages, or visit their website.


FranChimp is a database and online portal company. You can find more about them on their website and reach out to them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


TATEEDA, founded by Eugene Bombela and Slava Khristich, is a software development company that excels in providing solutions across the healthcare sector. Stay connected with TATEEDA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Docframe, founded by Garrett McAnulla and Peter Morrow, enables users to build enterprise applications that meet the strictest security standards without writing a single line of code. For more about Docframe, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Liberty Labs

Liberty Labs operates in the database, information services, information technology, and software sectors. Find more on their website and LinkedIn page.


Founded by Diana Brady, ClinDART is a SAS programming company that provides custom data management and solutions. They offer a variety of services from database administration to study rescue and employee training services. Learn more and stay updated through their website and LinkedIn page.

San Diego’s database industry is teeming with companies that are advancing technology and innovating in ways that stretch the imagination. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these companies leading the charge and look forward to bringing you more in this feature series.

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