Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Android Emulation from West Hollywood’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Android Emulation from West Hollywood’s Tech Scene

Welcome to our series of articles showcasing notable tech companies headquartered in West Hollywood, California. The array of businesses illustrated here spans across various sectors, from retail investment technology to artificial intelligence in healthcare, digital video management to platform security. Let’s take an up-close look at these innovative game-changers, streamlining processes and re-shaping experiences through the lens of technology.

Our primary focus is to give our readers a panoramic view of 11 exceptional companies based out of West Hollywood. In this article, not only will we provide a brief overview of each enterprise but also highlight their significance in the Information Technology industry. Without any further delay, let’s delve straight into our impressive roster of IT companies.

An intriguing variety awaits us, from the technology shaking up brand marketing & fintech, to a mysterious gaming technology entity operating undercover. The roster also includes tech maestros revolutionizing healthcare inventory management, to the ones breathing fresh life into traditional media with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Stakeholder Labs

Co-founded by Matt Joanou, Stakeholder Labs builds enterprise software aimed at boosting retail investor engagement. Their innovative product, Roundtable, gives companies a platform to quantify shareholder loyalty and offers unique shareholder rewards. Their social media presence can be found on @stakeholderlabs and LinkedIn.

The Believer Company

Operating currently in stealth mode, little is known about The Believer Company, making it a compelling entity within the gaming and Information Technology industries. Explore more about them on LinkedIn.


AMPAworks’ unique amalgamation of doctors, nurses, and engineers has developed an IoT system that uses computer vision deep learning to track and replenish hospital inventory. This groundbreaking tech saves an average hospital $10million annually by automating manual processes. Interact with them on @ampaworks and LinkedIn.


Ficto, co-founded by Michael Esola, offers a unique combination of EST and P2P to create an entirely new kind of store for buying and minting movies, TV, events, NFTs, and more. They also offer a “Stream2Earn program” where viewers can earn Ficto Tokens redeemable to USD. Follow them on @fictoapp, Facebook, and LinkedIn

FanDragon Technologies

Co-founded by Annika Monari and Robert Weiss, FanDragon Technologies has reimagined ticketing with their robust SaaS platform that utilizes open blockchain technology. Get in touch with them through @FanDragon, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Kris Finstad, ContentChecked Inc. develops innovative apps that guide users to food products and recipes that suit their individual dietary needs. Connect with them on @sugarchecked, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

UpRoar Technologies

Currently operating in stealth mode, UpRoar Technologies, co-founded by Robert Weiss, is developing a proprietary platform that reimagines social media for a new generation.


Co-founded by Uğur Ekiz, VulnSign provides organizations a user-friendly platform to improve cybersecurity by scanning web applications for potential threats. Find out more on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Nancy Bennett, bitMax is a digital video asset management company that offers access control and editing and retrieval of motion picture libraries via the internet. Connect with them on @bitmaxintl, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Blaine Vess, StudyMode provides a platform that aids students in their quest for academic success. Interact with them on @studymode, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Offering a variety of IT services, MelroseINC is a prominent company in the Information Technology industry operating out of West Hollywood. Connect with them on @melroseincla, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Having explored these West Hollywood tech titans, it’s clear that this Californian city is an emerging technology hub, providing a synergistic blend of innovation and opportunity. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the trailblazers headquartered in this dynamic locale.

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