Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Emulation in Portland’s Tech Scene

The tech industry of Portland, Oregon is a melting pot of innovative talent, paving the way in areas such as computer technology, software engineering, and more. These are companies that dream big, think out of the box, and are committed to using technology to solve problems and make strides in various industries. In this article, we will delve into some of the computer industry companies shaping the future from their headquarters in the heart of Portland.

The city is booming with companies specializing in various computer industry niches such as construction, finance, the internet of things, machine learning, healthcare, market research, mobile payments, and more. This article highlights some of these companies, provides an insight into their backgrounds, and paves the way to their respective web presences to explore more.

These companies are not just shaping the tech sector in Portland, but are having a global impact, redefining the way technologies are used and applied. The growth and evolution of these companies are a testament to Portland’s thriving and innovative tech ecosystem.


Founded by Petar Donić, Viewpoint aims to simplify the complex world of construction through their robust software platform, blending computer technology with construction, finance, GovTech, and project management. Providing a streamlined approach to managing all areas of finance and operations, Viewpoint’s intense focus and collaboration with the construction industry is evident in their work spanning over three decades.

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With innovators Jeremy Steinhauer and Sce Pike at the helm, IOTAS is a premier force in the Internet of Things domain. Their smart home technology platform, designed to create a fully-connected smart home experience, integrates IoT tech directly into multifamily units, thereby streamlining the deployment process for property developers.

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Streem is a technology company founded by Ryan Fink and Sean Adkinson that enhances real-time communication and collaboration by developing an intelligent camera. This platform merges augmented reality (AR), machine learning, and computer vision to remotely capture essential information with proprietary spatial mapping, OCR, and object & pose estimation technology.

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A solutions provider, Kannact was founded by Raghava Bharadwaj with the mission to improve patient lives through innovative healthcare collaboration solutions. Their technological advancements connect providers with patients and families at home, enabling effective patient engagement through care plan coordination and patient education.

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Founded in 2003 by Eric Gregg, ClearlyRated is a software company that provides an online-based business directory that helps B2B service providers utilize client feedback. This info is presented to prospective buyers via client testimonials and ratings that quantify service quality.

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Co-founded by Michael Gray and Nat Parker, GlobeSherpa is a software company specializing in mobile application development for transit agencies and parking management companies. Their secure technology platform aims to improve operations while minimizing infrastructure investment.

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Established by Dwight Linden, Michael Korkin and Nathan Wheeler, Entropix is a computational imaging software company leveraging deep learning and modern AI to transcend the resolution barrier and lower bandwidth requirements. They offer “Resolution on Demand” by achieving a 9x increase in effective pixel density without raising camera costs.

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ONtheGO Platforms

ONtheGO Platforms is a software developer dedicated to creating applications for smart glasses. Co-founded by Gary Peck, Ryan Fink, and Ty Frackiewicz, their gesture recognition software transforms any mobile device with a standard camera into a gesture interface.

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Founded by Kati Radziwon, iFlipd offers a revolutionary e-book renting platform promoting learning through accessible and affordable book rentals for students. Their pay-as-you-play book rental structure provides maximum flexibility to the lender regarding rental duration and cost.

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Integrated Services, Inc.

Founded by Peter Barram, Integrated Services, Inc.(ISI) provides point-of-sale & management software solutions for the fast-lube and car wash industries. ISI’s fast lube software products are now used in over 2500 lube centers throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world.

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Selectron Technologies, Inc.

Co-founded by Mike Hannegan, Selectron Technologies, Inc. is a leading software company that offers state-of-the-art solutions in computer, information technology, and iOS.

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